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10 Exercises That Help To Widen Hips

By: Ajanta Sen

The most feminine attribute of a woman is her figure. An hourglass and curvaceous figure of a woman is what attracts a man the most.

An attractive and sculpted body not only attracts everyone, but it also represents the healthy genes. A majority of gorgeous celebrities are known for their curvaceous sexy figures.

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Wider hips have always been considered to be sexy and this is the reason why a majority of the women all over the world are on the lookout for achieving wider hips to get an hourglass figure.

Although it is not that easy to widen your hips, as the hips muscles are the toughest muscles to enhance, it is however not impossible with the help of a few exercises.

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The following are the top 10 exercises that help to widen hips, have a look:



Squats is one of the 10 exercises that help to widen hips. Stand by keeping both your feet at about shoulder-width distance. Make your core tighter and tug your back upwards and then bow your knees to bring your body downwards, until both your thighs become parallel to the floor. Slowly go back to your initial position and do the same exercise again for 10-12 times.


Hip Abduction

Take an ankle strap and fasten it to your left leg. Then choose a low setting in the cable machine. Stand a bit far from the weight stack and grip the bar of the pulley arrangement. Move your left leg upwards and keep your right leg fixed at one position.

Let your left leg move in the direction of the pulley. Then move the left leg in the outward direction away from the right leg as far as you can. Move your leg back and forth across the body. Repeat this process about 10-12 times with each leg.



Take one dumbbell in each hand. Then, take a big step in the forward direction with the left foot. Next, curve your knees to bring yourself to the floor. Keep your rear upright and shove off with your feet to get back to your initial position. Repeat the same exercise about 10-12 times with each leg.



Yoga is one of the most effective exercises to widen your hips. Yoga exercises such as the frog, the pigeon, the lizard or the cow face can help you in building your muscles and enhance your flexibility, which can eventually help in widening your hips.


Hip Extensions

Lie down on the floor. Then keep both your hands on the floor and bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Then raise your hip upwards until your thighs become parallel to the ground. Bring your hip back to the ground. Repeat this step for at least 10-12 times.


Side Lying Leg Lift

Fasten the ankle weights to both your lower legs and recline on your side with your legs loaded up on the top of each other; keep your hand on the hip. Raise your leg, so that it lies at an angle of 45 degrees from ground and then gradually bring it down to the floor. Repeat this exercise for at least 10 to 12 times on each leg.


Hips Swinging

This is one of the 10 exercises that will help widen your hips. Relax your body, pull your shoulders back and walk with one foot at the front of the other. Let your hips and arms swing in a natural way without exaggerating much.


Side Lunge

Stand by keeping both your feet at a shoulder-width distance. Stand upright and draw your shoulder blades downward and backward. This will be the initial position.

Now step towards your right, keep your weight to the right foot while bending your knees and shoving your hips backward. Keep your left leg stiff while keeping your entire weight on the right side.

Shove off your right foot to come back to the initial position. Do it again on the other side. In order to occupy your hips during this workout, get to your right foot with the left hand whilst lunging at the right side and left foot with your right hand whilst lunging at the left side.


Climb Stairs

Climb up and down the stairs with a heavy backpack. Repeat this step a number of times. Doing this workout for about 4 times in a week can be one of the most effective ways among the 10 exercises to help widen your hips.


Donkey Kick

Donkey kick is one of the best exercises to widen your hips. Get on both your legs and both your hands on a mat. Your right knee should be bent at 90 degrees, lift your left leg so that your left knee comes to the hip level. Bring down your knee without touching the ground and then lift it again. Repeat this 15 times and then do the same by changing the legs.

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