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7 Protein Foods That Burn Thigh Fat


Fat burning foods, don't we want to try them all? For those who are dying to lose that extra kilos in the thighs, here are 7 protein foods you need to eat everyday.

These foods on the list are highly nutritious and healthy. They are less in calories and high in the desired vitamins which will provide your body with required energy.

Lean meats like chicken, fish and Turkey contain high amounts of protein and less calories, which is why experts state that they should be a must add to your three meals.

You can also include fibre foods in your diet to burn fat, at the same time, they will improve on your digestion and also prevent tummy ailments too. Low- fat dairy products like milk , tofu and paneer are healthy too. They provide the body with good amount of calcium.

They allow you to feel energetic and fit too which is very essential for the body. On the other hand,. If you are planning to work out at the gym, adding these 7 foods to your diet is ideally the best.

So, read on to know more about these protein foods which will help burn thigh fat in a month's time, it will amaze you:


Lean Meats

Adding chicken to your diet will be beneficial in helping to lose weight. One serving of chicken without the skin added to a bowl of vegetable salad is enough to keep the tummy full and happy. You can also have chicken stew and vegetables to gain strength to help burn fat easier.



Fish again is good for health. Salmon ranks the highest in terms of protein. Salman also has omega 3 fats which provide your body with required energy.



This green vegetable is one of the best fat burning foods. Though beam contain high amount o protein, they also contain less amounts calories which is why experts suggest to add beans to every meal in order to help with better weight loss.



Soy is rich in calcium and protein. Soy milk, soy beans and soy chunks are healthy. However men should refrain from eating too much of soy products as they cause infertility.


Low-fat Dairy

If you want to lose weight dairy has to be a part of your diet. Foods like paneer, tofu, slim cheese and low fat milk re essential daily. Balance the amount of dairy products you consume everyday so you can get o enjoy all of them.



When it comes to protein foods, egg white ranks the highest. Eat two to three egg white everyday if you want to gain energy and burn the fat on your thighs.


Nuts & Seeds

We all know that nuts and seeds are very healthy. Nuts like almonds should be a must add to your breakfast diet. Seeds of fruits like watermelon and musk melon provide your body with energy as well as protein to help burn fat with ease.

Story first published: Monday, March 14, 2016, 8:30 [IST]
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