Health Issues Showed By Your Food Cravings

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Have you seen some people eating a particular food daily because they crave for such foods. We all get cravings for some foods, such as salty foods, chocolates, ice creams, oily foods, etc.

This is the defense mechanism of our body, which indicates that there is something wrong with our body. Hence, you must pay attention to your cravings and know what they say about your internal health.

Have you ever noticed that you try to eat a lot of comforting foods such as pizzas, burgers, etc, when you are not emotionally fine. This is just our body wanting to seek comfort from these foods.

If this is the case, you must know that you are in a mental stress and hence must do some refreshing activities and work on reducing your stress rather than eating unhealthy foods.

Chocolate cravings and cravings for salty foods is the most reported form of food craving and this indicates that our body needs some of the important nutrients such as magnesium and silicon.

So, read on to know what your cravings say about your health:


Crunchy Snacks

Craving for some crunchy snacks such as nuts, chips, crunchy choco chips, etc, may indicate that you are not mentally free and have inner hidden frustration, which you want to take out just by eating some crunchy foods.


Ice Cream Or Ice

If you crave for ice or ice cream this indicates that you might be having a low iron content in the body or a low haemoglobin level. This may also indicate that your body is anaemic and hence less oxygen is getting supplied to the important body organs.


Craving For Chocolate

If you want to eat dark chocolate or any other type of chocolate frequently, it indicates that your body is low in magnesium content. Chocolate contains magnesium and more of it is present in raw cocoa. Hence, it is better to eat raw cocoa rather than munching on sugary chocolates.


Craving For Salty Foods

Getting a craving for salty foods is the second most popular food cravings. If you crave for salty snacks then it means that your body is low in sodium and silicon content. Hence, you must eat foods rich in silicon such as cashews, nuts, etc, and also have the healthy forms of salts.


Cravings For Sugary Foods

If you get cravings to eat sugary foods such as candies, pastries, etc, this indicates that your blood sugar level does not remain normal. You must be having a low blood sugar level sometimes and thus might be craving for sugary foods. So, you must have healthy sugary foods such as dried fruits, fruits, etc.


Fried And High Carbohydrate Foods

Do you crave for burgers, finger fries, pizzas, potatoes, etc? This means that you are under mental stress and might have anxiety. Therefore, you tend to find relief in these comforting foods. Try to reduce your stress levels, so that you can avoid this stress eating habit of yours.


Red Meat

Do you want to eat burgers with red meat sausages, or just have cooked spicy red meat? Then this indicates that your body is suffering from tiredness, fatigue, a weak immune system and general weakness. This may be due to deficiency of many important nutrients such as iron, zinc, etc. You can have foods such as spinach, beans, legumes, etc, instead of the regular red meat.

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Story first published: Friday, January 29, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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