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How To Avoid Relationship Weight Gain

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Yes, love is the most beautiful experience on this planet. But does it make you gain weight? A new survey says yes. When you are in a relationship, you tend to start comfort eating, or holiday eating and so on.

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Also, you seldom find time to exercise but your partner may start force feeding you out of love. In a recent poll, many people admitted that they gained at least a couple of pounds after getting into a love relationship.

Also, a survey claims that relationship weight gains are more prominent in women. In fact, both men and women tend to increase their portion sizes once they are in comfortable relationships.

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Another surprising pattern that is found in married couples is that, they eat together, they spend time watching television together and they go out to eat together. All these habits would gradually increase the body weight.

Now, let us discuss how to avoid relationship weight gain.


Tip #1

When you start dating, observe a common pattern. You tend to meet in coffee shops and pubs and that is when you start consuming, drinks, desserts, burgers and pizzas. Keep a check on your consumption. Before you go out, eat a meal at home and try to order less outside.


Tip #2

When you are single, you ate less. Now, when you got into into a relationship, there isn't any new reason to eat more even if your partner forces you. If you maintain the same portion size, you may be out of danger.


Tip #3

This is an excellent idea. When you eat out, order one plate of whatever you want and share it between both of you. That will make you look like a loving couple and will also keep the calorie consumption under control.


Tip #4

Workout together. As both of you are together, try to workout together. In fact, that will motivate both of you.


Tip #5

If you want to go out for shopping, ditch your vehicle and go walking. This will burn all the extra calories and help you to stay slim.


Tip #6

Raise the temperature in the bedroom. Every lovemaking session burns some calories and relieves you of the load of the excess calories.


Tip #7

Help your spouse in the kitchen so that you will end up eating more at home. Many surveys claim that outside eating habits are the main reason behind obesity and ill health.

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