Do We Tend To Gain More Weight During Winter?

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Have you noticed that your pants become tighter, come winter? Well, then you must be wondering if there are certain causes that can lead to weight gain during the winter months.

Now, most of us tend to develop common cold or flu during the colder months of the year due to the changes in the climatic conditions and also because certain kinds of disease-causing bacteria can thrive during the winters.

However, many of us may fail to notice the weight fluctuations that our body experiences during the winter months, especially if they are very subtle.

However, many surveys and research studies on this subject have reported that a lot of people do tend to experience a spike in their weights during the winter months.

So, when people gain weight during the winters, they have to work extra hard to try and lose all the weight, for the rest of the next year, and we do realise that weight loss is not an easy feat.

So, here are a few reasons for weight gain during winters, have a look!

1. Lack Of Workout

causes of weight gain during winter

When it is cold outside, most people usually do not feel like going out for a jog or indulging in any other physical activity, so this could also be a reason for weight gain during winters.

2. Seasonal Affective Disorder

causes of weight gain during winter

Another reason for weight gain during winters could be due to seasonal affective disorder that many people develop during the winters. So, the medications taken to treat this disorder can increase hunger, causing weight gain.

3. Festivities

causes of weight gain during winter

In most countries, winter is the time when Christmas and new years' eve are celebrated, so there would be a lot of parties to attend, lot of food and drinks and also a whole lot of weight gain!

4. Comfort Food

causes of weight gain during winter

Normally, we love to get a hot cup of coffee coupled with hot, fried snacks to keep us warm during winters, which can also be a cause for weight gain.

5. Body Craves For Fat

causes of weight gain during winter

A research study has found that during the winter months, the body craves for fatty foods because an extra layer of fat in the body can keep us warm, thus making us want to consume excess of junk food!

6. Increased Salt and Sugar Intake 

causes of weight gain during winter

Consuming excess junk food at winter festivities, indulging in excess alcohol at year-end parties, etc., can fill our body with more sugar and salt than required, causing weight gain.

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Story first published: Monday, December 5, 2016, 14:35 [IST]
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