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Simple Diet Mistakes That Can Lead To Weight Gain

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Are you consistently putting on weight despite several preventive measures? Then, for sure this might be due to certain mistakes in the diet plan that you have been following.

For sure there are a lot of people who are trying to lose weight and have adopted several measures. You might as well get several suggestions from friends and relatives about the ways to maintain body weight. All these steps would have failed to get the desired result and this might have made you depressed too.

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There are people who go to the extent of starving so that they lose weight, but this is actually an incorrect way. Well, there are certain simple things one needs to keep in mind about the diet plan and follow it strictly.

Along with exercises, food plays a very important role in maintaining one's overall health, and weight forms one of the most crucial factors for maintaining one's health.

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Also having the correct food at the correct time is yet another important aspect if one wants to maintain proper weight.

Here is a list of a few diet mistakes that can lead to weight gain. Have a look.


1. Sea Salt:

One of the common mistakes which most people make is using sea salt. Sea salt lacks in iodine content that is important for the thyroid and body metabolism. Lack of iodine in the body will lead one to gain weight. It is important for one to choose iodized salt.


2. Deep Fried Food As Starters:

When we go to have food in restaurants what we normally do is order for deep fried and oily foods for starters. This is yet another diet mistake. Instead of deep fried foods one could take soup or steamed veggies like broccoli.


3. Healthy Foods Made Unhealthy:

There are certain healthy foods which we unknowingly or knowingly turn unhealthy. For example adding soya bean oil to fresh vegetable salads is one major mistake that adds to weight gain instead of weight loss.


4. Avoiding Good Fat:

It has been ingrained in our mind that eating fat-containing foods leads to weight gain and we avoid it. But there are certain foods containing good mono-saturated fats like nuts, avocados and olive oil that help to control weight gain.


5. Excess Intake Of Protein:

You keep drinking protein shakes and drinks containing protein thinking it to be healthy, but unlike the foods liquids do not send the signal to the brain that your stomach is full. The result, you end up adding more and more liquid calories.


6. The Way You Chew Affects:

Chewing the foods too fast and swallowing it leads one to gain that extra weight. The hormones would not get enough time to send the signal to the brain that one is full.


7. Skipping Meals:

In order to lose weight many people tend to skip meals, but this is one of the biggest mistakes one makes. This would only lead one to put on weight. It not just aids in weight gain but can also cause a lot of other health problems.

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Story first published: Friday, November 11, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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