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Why Use Fish Oil For Weight Loss?

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A study says that using fish oil for weight loss is comparatively better than relying on any kind of pills that promise quick weight loss. Fish oil seemed to have worked well in fat burning especially in people between the age 30 and 45.

This study further says that fish oil can activate certain receptors present in the digestive system. It also plays a very important role in inducing the body to metabolise fat cells.

Why Use Fish Oil For Weight Loss- Belly Fat

There are white and brown cells in fat tissues. The job of the brown fat cells is to metabolise fat in order to keep the temperature of the body normal. The job of the white cells is to store some amount of fat. The stored fat is supposed to be used by the body as energy supply.

Why Use Fish Oil For Weight Loss- Fish

Many old researches have proved that fish oil contributes certain health benefits. One of those benefits is prevention of obesity. Now, this research clearly indicated that fish oil can maximise the beige cells.

Why Use Fish Oil For Weight Loss- Capsules

When rats are fed with foods that contain fish oil, their weight gains were lesser (10%) and body fat percentage was lesser (25%) compared to other rats that ate normal foods.

Why Use Fish Oil For Weight Loss- Tummy

Maybe this is why many people who consumed fish oil enjoyed longer lifespans compared to those who never consumed this oil. But of course, many other factors do have a role in weight loss and one should not rely only on one ingredient like fish oil. Exercise and a balanced diet do have their own roles but it is good to know that research proved that fish oil is good for weight loss.

Why Use Fish Oil For Weight Loss- Pills

When your diet contains the right foods, the process of weight loss becomes effortless. If your goals seem very hard, you might lose the motivation to try harder and harder. So, maybe it is time to give fish oil a try.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 19, 2015, 6:03 [IST]
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