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The Effects Of Sudden Diet Changes

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Sudden diet changes are dangerous. Even if you are planning to start a very healthy diet which is going to burn all your fat and make you look like a superstar, it isn't advisable to suddenly make major changes. Your body may or may not get accustomed to it.

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A sudden change in eating habits drastically would affect your metabolism and energy levels. In fact, is very important to take such decisions under the supervision of a doctor.

Most of the diet plans around you may inspire you but they are not designed by people who have studied or practiced medicine. Some of the so called gurus are just selling you diet plans which may even affect your health.

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So, even if you have ended up with a good diet plan, make changes gradually so that your body won't even know about the smooth transition.


Energy Levels

As the overall consumption of calories gets drastically reduced, your body feels drained. Your energy levels may dip.



It is quite natural to feel tired all the time when your body is deprived of nutrients. This is why sudden changes in diet aren't advisable.



Some of the diet plans are not balanced. So, your body starts starving as there wouldn't be enough supply of nutrients. This may make you feel hungry and deprived for the whole day.



If you are feeling dizzy due to the sudden diet changes, it is important to stop the diet with immediate effect and rush to a doctor.


Intestinal Issues

As your overall fibre consumption gets reduced, your intestines may get affected and strained. So, your digestive system may get affectd.



When everyone around you is eating junk food without feeling restricted, you may have to struggle with low energy levels and mood swings. This may cause irritation in you.



Your cravings tend to torment you when your food habits change all of a sudden. This is a dangerous situation because you may fail to control those cravings. If you manage to control them, you will feel more frustrated.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 10, 2015, 9:00 [IST]
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