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Get Rid Of Pesticides In Your Body

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The concern of pesticides being used in most of the foods we consume these days is huge. Paying a little attention to this concern can help us in avoiding various health complications that build up as the time passes.

Pesticides and fertilisers are used in abundant to increase the production of foods at a faster pace, which makes it hard to avoid consuming them completely. Though these pesticides and fertilisers can be removed to a lot of extent by washing the vegetables and fruits properly before consuming.

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But what happens to the traces of pesticides that are not removed from the food even after washing? These harmful pesticides and fertilisers affect our health in many ways and it makes our immune system weak.

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Try to include these foods and the various tricks that are mentioned below to get rid of pesticides in your body. Read on to know more...


Burdock Root

It is one of the best detoxifying herb and removes toxins and pesticides through sweat and urination. For best results use it in the form of a tea. This is one of the way to get rid of pesticides in your body.


Eat Fermented Foods:

Eating fermented foods is a good choice to get rid of pesticides and fertilisers from our body. It helps to repopulate the good bacteria in our body which helps in improving our digestive system while flushing out all the toxins.


Milk Thistle:

This is a plant that has many medicinal values and it is the best choice of food for a healthy liver. The best way to consume it is in a tea form. It helps the body to get rid of toxins, chemicals and other pesticides.



Exercise is not just good for your physique but also for your overall health. As you exercise, the blood flow increases and it helps to flush out the toxins and other harmful chemicals that are stored in our body.



Wheatgrass is a great choice to get rid of pesticides from the body. It is stuffed with high nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. It also has detoxifying properties which make it a best choice to detoxify our body.



This is the most powerful ingredient to detoxify your body and helps to remove the heavy metals,. mercury and other harmful chemicals from the body when it is consumed in salads and other cooking recipes. Cilantro is used to even purify water due to its cleansing properties.



Sweating is a great choice to detoxify your body. Having a hot water shower helps to remove the toxins from the body. Consuming vitamins B3 helps to increase your sweat output which helps to remove pesticides and toxins from your body.

These are the few ways you can get rid of pesticides and harmful chemicals from your body. If you have more points to add to the list then do share with us in the comment section.

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