Weird Mistakes We Make With Our Teeth

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When it is about taking care of our pearly teeth, it doesn't need an extra effort. All that one needs to do is be careful the way they handle them.

Check out these common mistakes that we do everyday when it comes to ignoring the health of our teeth. Ignoring these mistakes can cause chipping of teeth or unhealthy teeth.

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Studies reveal that the teeth that get damaged due to an external injury tend to chip or decay at a very faster pace. So to avoid all these tensions we need to actually avoid these general weird mistakes that we do.

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In this article we are here to share the weird mistakes that we make with our teeth and this can cause damage to our pearly whites. Read on to know more about the different mistakes we do with our teeth


Be Gentle While Brushing

Teeth needs to be brushed lightly and gently as harsher brushing can damage the teeth and erode the gums. This makes the gum more exposed to injuries. So instead of brushing in up-and-down strokes try to brush in a gentle, circular motion.


Brush For Atleast 2 Mins

The most recommended amount of time to brush your teeth is two minutes. But due to hectic lifestyle most people tend to brush in less than two minutes. To make sure you tend to spend two minutes for brushing avoid keeping the tap open as it makes people mentally try to speed the job. This is one of the most common mistakes that we do with our teeth.


Eat Fruits And Veggies To Clean Teeth

Eating raw fruits and veggies is the best option to get rid of plaque that is formed on the teeth. Raw fruits and vegetables are filled with fiber, which is a natural abrasive that gently removes plaque. After eating food rinse with water to help remove any stray bacteria.


Pay Attention To Molars

Most people tend to brush their front teeth more often than the rest. Make sure you pay extra attention to your molars and the inner side of your teeth. This is one of the most common mistakes that we make with our teeth.


Never Start Brushing From Same Angle

Most of the time people who start brushing from the same common angle of the mouth tend to get distracted or bored by the rest of the time they brush. This makes them miss out on places where it is unclean. This causes decay of teeth. This is one of the most common mistakes that we do with our teeth.


Wait For Half An Hour After A Meal

Did you know that brushing your teeth immediately after eating food can be damaging for your teeth? Studies prove that the pH-level in your mouth is lower than normal immediately after having a meal and is more acidic, so brushing during this time can be very abrasive and harmful.


Over-cleaning Toothbrush

Studies reveal that toothbrushs contain many germs. These germs can be cleaned using running water. Do not try the over-cleaning method of cleaning the brush by keeping it in the microwave or by using a disinfectant on it. Clean the brush and keep it in the upright position so that the water does not stay in the bristles.

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