7 Ways A Hula Hoop Helps In Weight Loss

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There are a lot of ways to reduce your pounds in a month or so. If you take keen interest in hula hooping, you will get a toned waistline in no time. Women who hula hoop for weight loss have not only lost kilos around their tummy, but on their whole body too.

As you hula hoop, your entire body is in action. The circular motion of the tummy helps to keep the entire body in motion which means that hula hooping not only reduces the fat around the belly but also along the waist and calves as well.

Today, there are a lot of celebrities who are practising the art of hula hooping for weight loss. It is the next best thing after yoga and aerobics.


If you are shy to head to the gym, it is best to start off with a hula hoop to lose weight. There are seven hula hoop benefits for weight loss. When you begin to hula hoop for weight loss, you will gradually see your belly fat reducing and the waistline getting smaller too.

Here is how hula hoop aids in weight loss, take a look:


Reduces Belly Fat

If you want to reduce belly fat, half an hour of hula hooping in a week is a must. When you move your body in a circular motion as per the hulas, your belly fat tends to burn making you lose weight.


Helps In Reduction Of Waistline

As you gradually begin to lose the belly fat, the waistline too gets reduced over a period of time. The hula hoop helps in reducing weight on the waist too, especially if you are curvy.


Gets You Toned Hips

Those who have large hips can begin to lose weight with the help of a hula hoop. As you move the hula around your tummy, bring it down to your hips. Circling the hula hoop around your hips will only lead to toned hips in a month or so.


Slender Thighs

Hula hoop helps in losing weight on the thighs. If you have heavy thighs, practise hula hooping for at least 6 months to get slender thighs. This form of exercise will also make your legs stronger.


Also Reduces The Calf Fat

Calf fat is one of the main things women hate. It is a hindrance for women who wear skirts regularly. To lose weigh on your calves, hula hoop for weight loss. As you move the hoop around your waist, gradually move it downwards to your hips and move your legs too.


No More Love Handles

It gets rid of love handles as well. This is one of the ways hula hoop helps in weight loss. After 6 months of hula hooping, love handles slowly begin to disappear.


Breast Reduction Too

Tired of your big chest, hula hoop for weight loss. As you move the hula hoop on your belly, lift your arms simultaneously in a circular motion. This aids in breast reduction. A perfect exercise to reduce breast fat.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 10, 2014, 23:01 [IST]
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