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5 Workout Ideas For Couples!

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Workout Ideas Couples
Working out with your partner is a great idea to stay fit whilst having fun together. You are not only motivated to exercise but also enjoy the company as working out alone just listening to loud fast music can be really boring after few days. Workout ideas for couples are excellent to look after each other's health. In the hectic work schedules, couples seldom find time for each other therefore, through workout, couples can spend some quality time together. Here are few exercises for couples.

5 exercises for couples:

Dance: This is one of the most preferred workout among couples. You learn a dance form and burn fat also. It is an exercise to lose weight and a skill to show in social gatherings such as parties or weddings. Salsa, tap dancing and jiving are few dance forms for couples to have a nice time together while losing weight.

Jogging: Going for a jog alone in the morning can be really boring. It is a great idea to take your partner or a jog. You can discuss on topics while exercising and burn those extra body fat too! So, stop putting the head phone and drag you partner for a jog.

Cycling: It is a simple and very effective exercise to lose weight and stay fit. Cycling burns calories and works on leg muscles especially thigh muscles. Spend some time with your partner by cycling. An easy workout plan for couples!

Swimming: Instead of going alone for swimming to relax, take your partner also. It is not only spicy but also good for health. Swimming helps lose weight by burning those extra body fat and increases stretchability. So, couples can relax with each other's company in this exercise.

Tennis/Squash: If you both love to play then sports is one effective workout plan to lose weight and get in shape. These fast paced sports burns body fat fast and keeps you active whole day. To make this exercise more effective, couples should pick up a sport in which both are great players. It makes the workout more interesting.

These are few workout ideas for couples to look after their health and also boost up their personal lives. Follow a nutritious diet to lose weight and have 8-10 glasses of water everyday. This keeps you hydrated and flushes out toxins from the body.

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Story first published: Monday, February 6, 2012, 11:27 [IST]
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