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Sugar Free Diet For Safe Slimming!

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Sugar Free
It is not easy to chuck sugar from diet as it is nearly impossible to separate it from food. Also, some amount of sugar is necessary for the body. Sugar provides energy and keeps mind active. But as we age it is important to know the ideal sugar consumption. Today, we will discuss on the diet tips and sugar alternatives. Do have a look.

Sugars are type of complex carbohydrates that require lot of energy to burn. Excessive intake can lead to overweight, diabetic condition etc. To those who already have diabetic, sugar as no less a poison to health.

Sugar Free Diet Tips

What You Need To Watch Out?: Do not feel happy whenever you prefer a glass of sweet lassi, citrus fruit drinks or breakfast cereals as they contain a lot of sugar. Do not unnecessarily add sugar to food stuffs aren't sweet.

1. Sugar Free Diet Breakfast: Eating fresh vegetables, berries, protein based foods can be the best sugar free combination. Prefer an egg omelette, bacon or ham, cheese and vegetables are best low calories diet foods. Berries and fruits are natural sweeteners that are good to health.

2. Diet Lunch: The delicious hamburger is the best to include in the daily meal plan. The buns can contain fresh vegetables and herbs that are sugar free (like dill, onion, paprika, broccoli, chicken etc). A slice of water melon can complete your meal and sugar craving.

3. Sugar Free Diet Desserts: Prefer yogurt or fruit salad without sugar. Avoid adding refined sugar and strawberries, dates, honey or bananas for sweetening.

4. Whole grain bread, beans and sweet potatoes are most recommended carbohydrate foods. Low fat milk and mayonnaise are also moderately recommended.

Fiber rich food, heart healthy fish, brown rice are best diabetic diet supplements. Limited food intake and keeping up with timings will be an easy slimming process.

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Story first published: Monday, February 13, 2012, 15:07 [IST]
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