Simple Exercises For A Sharp Jawline

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I'm sure many of our readers have been longing to know the tips to get rid of the face fat. Specially men would often want a toned chin and a sharp jawline like Tom Cruise or Orlando Bloom and it isn't impossible to get the right look following these jawline exercises. Take a look at these simple tips to slim and look young.

Often people look even more aged and obese if they have a sagging jawline and double chin. The overall body weight may belong to the plump category but the bulgy face makes you look virtually obese. These tips should help.

It will be shocking for you to know that many celebs get cosmetic surgery to obtain a sharp jawline. Our tips may be slow but they are free from side effect. With patience you can definitely achieve the look.

1. Just jawline exercises won't help as you also need to keep your food intake at minimum. Also, there is a technique to apply creams and lotions on face. The massaging direction needs to be from bottom to top (chin to cheeks) as that prevents skin from sagging.

2. Massaging the jawline with ice cubes or hot napkin towels, patting or smacking the chin area for 30 seconds a day will maintain the skin intact.

3. Facial exercises are the easiest ways to get sharp jawline. Workouts stimulate blood circulation, thus providing firmness and better tone to the skin. Place your hand tightly on the neck and try to stretch the jawline skin by looking at the ceiling. Do this atleast 10 to 12 times daily will tone your chin muscles.

4. Using a stress ball, try to tuck the double chin by placing the ball below chin. Do chin push-ups using the ball and you will gradually find your jawline being just the way you wanted.

Give a hot oil massage to your jawline and stretch the skin upwards and sidewards. This will sharpen your jawline as well as help you feel relaxed.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 11:48 [IST]
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