Detoxify Yourself With The Lemon Diet

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Lemon Diet
The lemon diet seems to be a favourite with the celebrities as the big stars like Beyonce and Jennifer Anniston swear by it. It is not only a diet for quick weight loss but also a detox diet. You'll cleanse your digestive system, your skin along with your entire body by getting rid of the toxins if you follow this detox diet. If you want to lose weight real fast; that is calculated as become one size smaller in a week's time them lemon for weight loss is your ideal companion.

Here is how you must go about the lemon diet to drop sizes rather than pounds.

Lemon Diet Basics:

  • You are to eat no solid food. You will have no fruits, vegetables or cereals like rice, wheat etc.
  • You will consume no spices while you are on this diet to lose weight fast because all spices are 'toxins'.
  • You will drink 8 glasses of the special lemonade that is part of this diet every day for a week.
  • You can supplement this by drinking lots of water but no solid food.

How To Make Lemonade For The Lemon Diet:
The recipe is actually quite simple. You have to mix;

  • Half a lemon squeezed into half a glass of water with
  • 2 Tablespoons of Maple Syrup and
  • A pinch of Ceyenne pepper
  • This concentrate can be mixed with 4 glasses of cold water and you need to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of this mixture everyday for 7 days.
  • Make sure that the water is cold and not warm as we normally to burst fat.
  • You need to space out the lemonades for this diet lose weight fast evenly so that you don't end up collapsing from lack of fluids.
  • In other words you cannot have 4 glasses of lemonade in the morning before work and 4 for dinner. You need drink one glass every 2 hours.

How It Works?

  • This detox diet makes use of lemon for weight loss and lemon is citrus. It is rich in anti oxidants.
  • Anti oxidants are known for cleansing your body of free radicals. So while the lemon works on the toxins in your body, how are you losing weight.
  • Well if you are off solid food for a week you will obviously lose weight. You are on the reserves of your body, the lemon and maple syrup is sustaining your energy requirements.
  • It will burst fat from starving but you''ll clean up your body in the process.
  • So you get glowing acne free skin, shinning hair and body that is one size smaller.

Try the lemon diet to get in shape when you desperately need to. Follow some good health tips after you lose weight and don not starve all along to stay slim.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 13:09 [IST]
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