5 Easy Diet Tips To Eat Less

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Diet Tips To Eat Less
When you think of losing weight, all that comes to your mind is to eat less. And, many of us commit the mistake of not eating at all. For days people survive on fluids to lose weight. Although the process works but, it is a short term remedy for weight loss. Not eating food or going for a crash diet is very unhealthy. The mantra to lose weight in a healthy manner is by eating less and regular workout. Thinking how to control your cravings all day long? Check out these easy tips to eat less.

5 diet tips to eat less:

Prepare a list: Be well prepared with your list in order to lose weight in a right way. Note down your list of meal for whole week beforehand. If you stick to a proper chart of meal planning, you will prevent eating more than required. In the list, specify the amount of food to be consumed for meals. For example, a small bowl of rice with a thin crust chapati (Indian bread). Preparing a list is one of the most effective diet tips to eat less.

Be rigorous: Just preparing a list to plan your meals won't work unless you implement them strictly in your diet. Make sure that you follow the list and eat less. By being rigorous you tend to lose weight easily!

Pick up the right food: Eating the right proportion of food can control hunger for hours. There are many foods that are filling. To overcome your cravings, include foods that are filling. For example, you can have dark chocolates (they help you loose weight), nuts like almonds and bananas to stay full and control hunger.

Drink more fluids: By having fluids you stay full and this automatically controls your hunger. To eat less follow this tip. Have a healthy diet but, do not forget to drink more fluids such as water, fruit or vegetable juices. They are healthy, filling and also flush out toxins from the body. For juices, prefer low fat drinks that are low in calories and fat.

Eat slowly: The longer time you take to eat, the faster you will feel fuller. Enjoy your food. Why do you need to hog? Chewing burns jaw muscles fat and also makes it easy to digest the food. So, eat your meals slowly. This is another effective tip to eat less.

Try these diet tips to eat less and lose weight easily.

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Story first published: Monday, April 16, 2012, 17:41 [IST]
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