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7 Steps To Add Bulk To Your Muscles

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Build Muscle Bulk
It is much easier to get lean and lanky than build up muscle bulk. Most guys who what to look beefed up, think that random weight lifting and excessive protein intake will help them build muscles quickly. Sorry boys, you are getting it totally off the mark. You can have all the protein shakes that you want; it will only give you shapeless bulk.

To gain muscle bulk and do so in a healthy way, you need to follow these 7 elemental steps.

Steps To Build Muscle Bulk:

1. Regular Workout: It sounds redundant, but you need to be reminded all the same. You have to workout for a minimum of 4-5 days a week if you are trying get beefed up. Once you get the cuts in your muscles you can cut it down to 3.

2. Not Just Weight Training: Most body builders go to the gym and head straight for the weight training section. 5 minutes of warm up is not enough. You need a daily dose of cardio exercises where you burn calories from the 'bad' fats you have consumed. It also increases your stamina.

3. Repeat Weights: Previously, it was believed that the heavier weights you lift, the faster you will have bulk muscles. Lately, experts believe that you need to keep lifting a comfortable weight until you get worn out. This helps you build muscles quickly. So keep lifting a lighter weight but increase the number of repetition.

4. Do Not Repeat Exercises: You can repeat the weight but not the exercises. Your muscles get used to a certain exercise very easily. So you need to do at least 3 sets of exercises for every muscle. Also, do not concentrate on any particular muscle. You need to work on every muscle in your body.

5. Protein Shakes: Customised protein shakes do help but only to a certain extent. You cannot make the protein shakes your staple diet. They are usually the replacement for breakfast or dinner. Skip the meal for which you are drinking the supplement.

6. Eat Protein But Don't Banish Carbs: You need to be on a strict protein diet to build muscles quickly. That is common knowledge. However, you need not totally cut out on carbohydrates and fats. At least 30 percent of your total food intake has to carbs and fats. From where will you get the energy to lift weight without them?

7. Muscle Memory: If you have been a body builder in the past then you need to work less harder. Your muscles have memory of the cuts in your chiseled body; they are just hidden under fat. They will come up once you start working out.

The above work out tips will help you build muscle bulk in a healthy way.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 15:00 [IST]
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