What Alexander Technique Does For You?

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Alexander Technique
Are totally in control of yourself? Does that occasional twitching of muscles or heavy breathing give away the anxiety beneath your poise? It would be wonderful to always have the correct posture and poise for the situations in life. So before you dismiss the Alexander technique as yet another fitness program that is a fad, stop and think. This technique doesn't promise instant weight loss like the fad diets and teaming confidence like the self help books. What it does teach you is to make the best use of your 'self'.

What Is The Alexander Technique?
If we have to put it simply then the Alexander technique teaches you how to move or stay still.

1. Our body language often speaks louder than our words. So this technique teaches you how to have the right body language by correcting your posture and thus relieving pain due to posture related problems.

2. It also helps you to manage stress. Usually when we are stressed our or anxious then our breathing becomes uneven giving our tension away. This technique helps you stay poised and breathe normally even under mortal pressure.

3. Stiff necks and backs are a product of desk jobs. This technique can correct your posture to take the stiffness out of your system. That will also be relieving any pain you feel and replacing it with an easy confidence.

4. The breathing exercises that you learn using this exercise go much deeper than just deep breathing. They can cure vocal and respiratory problems by teaching you how to breathe in the best possible way!

5. It is not a stress buster massage where someone will work on you. This technique teaches you to help yourself. So the results are not temporary.

How It Will Change Your Life?

1. You will no longer walk, you'll glide. When you stand, the world will stand still to watch your poise.

2. If you are corporate professional then it will help you improve your body language for giving presentations, being interviewed or just winning your clients over with your confidence.

3. If you work at the desk with a computer, then your job is very hazardous. The Alexander technique will help you avoid bad posture pains and keep your body cramp-free. So no back or neck pain to give you sleepless nights.

4. If you are a performance artist like a dancer or actor, it will help your work greatly. This is because now you are totally in control of your movements. You will dance better and perform with thumping confidence.

5. If you play a sport then your game will improve noticeably as you become more flexible by the day. Even loads of exhaustion will not tire you.

The Alexander technique improves the quality of your life in every way to make you live better.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 22, 2012, 14:08 [IST]
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