Victoria Secrets Models Diet To Be In Shape!

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Every woman wishes to get the model figure to wear any outfit with style and ease to flaunt their shaped body. You must have seen the perfectly shaped models of Victoria Secrets and wish to get the same figure like them. Here are few diet secrets of Victoria Secrets models. So, now you can also get the same model figure with lean legs, flat tummy and high cheekbones.

Diet of Victoria Secrets models:

Miranda Kerr Diet Plan: For Miranda Kerr (Victoria Secrets model), carbohydrates and healthy food with low fat and calories help lose weight and maintain the figure. Miranda Kerr's diet plan has fruit salad with yogurt or muesli/ 2 slices of rye toast with avocado and boiled eggs for breakfast, almonds, green tea for snacks, tuna salad with crisp breads and water with lemon or dandelion tea for lunch and vegetable salad with tuna fish or roasted pumpkins and green tea with ginger for dinner.

Miranda Kerr workouts 3-4 times in a week with 75 minutes for each session. Miranda Kerr's workout plan includes yoga, low impact cardio exercises, running and boxing.

Victoria Secrets models prefer having fresh fruits and vegetables than going for processed and oily food which will only add calories.

Marisa Miller: Another Victoria Secrets model with the perfect model figure revealed her diet plans. Even after becoming a mother, she has lost her weight and got back the model figure with the strict diet! Her breakfast has healthy food items such as yogurt, soy or almond milk, almonds, fruit salad, frozen organic fruits or protein shake. Her lunch and dinner has fresh vegetables, fruit or vegetables salad, tuna fish or spinach salad.

Marisa Miller's workout plan has exercises which help her tone and shape her curves. From toning exercises to paddle boarding, she does everything to maintain her already slim figure.

To get the Victoria Secrets model figure, workout twice in a day, leave oily, processed or junk food, and have plenty of water. Protein shakes keep you active and provide nutrients to the body. Have food 3-4 hours before going to sleep and avoid over eating. Fill stomach and sleep adds to the body weight.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 15, 2011, 14:50 [IST]
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