Sushi Diet: A Delicious Way To Lose Weight!

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Sushi Diet
Ever wondered why the Japanese women look so slim and young? Well, their food is such. The famous sushi diet is followed many celebrities and sportsmen to keep themselves fit and fine. Today, we will discuss facts about the sushi diet and on how its supports weight loss. Take a look.

The colourful sushis are the new generation dietary ration. The recipe is packed with nutrients and vital minerals. They mainly contain vitamins, minerals, iodine, amino acids with many other useful substances. Sushis are generally prepared with vegetables, seafood, seaweed and rice. They are good for heart (heart healthy diet) as well as the best anti aging food (non spicy).

Low Calorie Diet

The Sushi ingredients are mostly less in calories and contribute to weight loss. Their ingredients like Tuna fish and squid are less in calories but are high in nutrition. The fiber rich vegetables aid to quick digestion and rice is used in small proportions (for carbohydrates). The entire meal consists a few grams of fat (as less as 0.20g).

One of the advantages of going for a sushi diet is that it is tasty and one doesn't of compromise in anyway to lose weight. The second advantage is that it is easy to eat and digest. The sushi diet, although is known as a monodiet can be altered by varying with stuffing (like replace rice with oats and vegetables can keep changing).

It is said that all the necessary vitamins and minerals get lost when the veggies are cooked but sushis are advantages as they are partially cooked foods. The only disadvantage is that those suffering from peptic ulcers and allergies need to seek the doctor's help before going for the diet.

Sushi Diet Plan

Eat different types of sushi all through the day.

Breakfast: About 10 Sushi Rolls with sugarless and hot lemon tea
Lunch: 8-10 sushi rolls with melon juice or citrus drink (honey can be used to sweeten)
Dinner: Light meals (half the number of rolls had during lunch) with hot vegetable stock soup
Snacks: A hot cup of herb tea (green tea or hibiscus tea).

Story first published: Monday, December 5, 2011, 12:36 [IST]
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