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    Size Zero Diet Chart To Look Lean & Attractive!

    Size zero diet chart
    Size zero diet plan has become a trend among women who want to look lean and skinny. Kareena Kapoor's size zero made the term a famous one after she got this figure after a diet plan for her role in Tashan. So what is size zero?

    Size zero means having a bust size of 31.5 inches, 23 inches waist and 32 inches hip. To get this figure crash diet is a most common option among women but the best diet for size zero need not be a no-diet food!

    Lets check out the size zero diet plan:

    1. Eat 500 calories and work out for 2 hours to reduce the twice amount of fat consumed.

    2. Prefer having water, coconut water and nuts for snacks and electoral to stay active and hydrated. It is very important to stay well hydrated if you are following a size zero diet chart.

    3. Green vegetables rich in Vitamins, proteins, minerals, magnesium, iron and calcium constitute size zero diet chart. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce to name a few are healthy and nutritious.

    4. Whole grains and cereals are recommended as they are less in calories and fat. Whole grains like oats, barley flakes, wheat, whole wheat pasta etc are preferable.

    5. Avoid rice. Have chapatis to avoid gaining unwanted fat. Include legumes, dals, fish and sometimes egg in the size zero diet chart.

    6. Avoid having junk, oily and fast made food items as they are not only heavy on weight but also digestion.

    7. Go for low fat dairy products in size zero diet chart to prevent putting on weight.

    8. Soups like cabbage soup and other vegetables soup are healthy. It fills your stomach and is nutritious too.

    9. Have salads and fresh fruits to get proper nutrition supply. Follow a workout regime to help as a diet plan is not just enough to lose weight.

    10. Size zero diet chart excludes all the fat food which almost everyone loves like chocolates, cakes, street chaats etc.

    To get size 0 follow this seize zero diet plan and achieve the flimsy figure!

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