Collarbone Exercises To Look Thin & Attractive

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Enhance Collarbone
Everyone wants to look lean and have a perfectly shaped body. Little fat in the face or neck can also make you look fat. Therefore, a visible collarbone can make you look flimsy and also add to the attractive look. Enhance the collarbone to wear deep neck tops and look thin too. You can hide face fat by working on the collarbone. Here are few collarbone (chest bone) exercises to show the collarbone and enhance them.

Collarbone (chest bone) exercises:

1. To show collarbone and protrude them out, you have to lose the neck and chest fat. Chest exercises such as push-ups and dumbbells can help reduce face, neck, and chest fat.

2. Jogging or running for 30-45 minutes everyday controls the body weight. This exercise also enhances the collarbone.

3. Lie on your back and take your hands on the back of the head. Fold the knees and lift the front towards the knees. Hold the position for 8-10 seconds and then slowly lie back on the floor. Relax and repeat it 10 times. Do this collarbone exercise every day to show collarbone and enhance it.

4. Swimming is another effective exercise to enhance the collarbone. To protrude the collarbone, swim every day. This stretches the chest muscles and reduces fat too.

5. Shoulder shrug is a simple chest bone exercise to show collarbone. Pull up the shoulders and hold for 4-6 seconds. Relax and repeat 10 times.

6. Pull the chest bone muscles in front till the collarbone protrudes out and becomes visible. Hold the stretch for 5-8 seconds. Slowly relax and repeat 10-15 times. This is another collarbone exercise to enhance them.

7. Stand straight and hold dumbbells. Lift them up and down 5 times in each hand. Do this exercise every day to show collarbone. Beginners should start this chest bone exercise with 4-5 times a day and then increase to 10 times gradually as the weights can lead to chest muscle pain for few days.

8. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. Avoid oily and junk food as they increase body weight. Have 8-10 glasses of water to stay hydrated.

Try these collarbone (chest bone) exercises to enhance the collarbone and look perfect without any fat.

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