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6 Clothing Items To Help You Show Off Your Collarbones


Don't you just love your collarbones? Or, have you been looking for measures to flaunt your clavicles? Well, workout and arm exercises may help but that's the hard way out.

We have a few easy and quick ways for you to flaunt your collarbones. And that is by picking the right choice of top. Yes. Did you ever think that you can get to show off your collar bones only by selecting the right top?

It's possible now. You may not be able to get them thin but you sure can flaunt whatever you have. And the best part, it works for all body types. So if you want to show off your collarbones, take a look at these 6 clothing items to help you show off your collar bones...


Off-Shoulder Tops

Yes. There is no better way to drive attention to your collar bones with an off-shoulder top. It also gives a chance to flaunt your shoulders. Statement necklaces look great with these tops.



The plunging necklines or a V-neck is the best way to show off your collar bones. This is suited for all the body types.


One-Shoulder Tops

This is great to bring attention to one of your shoulders. Although, it doesn't feature the entire thing, but the one-shoulder thing will always be sexy. If you have well-defined clavicle, then this is for you.


Boat Neck Tops

Boat necklines enhance your collarbones by driving attention to them because of their pattern. If you're a full figured lady, then you should avoid going for these.


Halter Neck Tops

Halter necks are best to show off your collarbones and shoulders. It even slims down your upper half of the body. If you've the right frame to enjoy this item, then you should totally flaunt your clavicles with the help of these.


Sweetheart Neckline Dresses/Top

The sweetheart neckline is perfect for all body types. It enhances the figure and shows off the collar bones gracefully.

All images via Pinterest.