Chest Exercises For Men To Get That Toned Look

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Chest Exercise For Men
Chest exercises for men should be included in their regular workout regime. This is because it has very visible consequences. They are not so complicated that you have to rush to a trainer for it; you can easily do chest exercises at home on your own time. But if you hit the gym regularly then there is no harm in including a few rounds of chest exercises with dumbbells in your daily workout. This will have a very flattering effect.

There is a very important point that needs to be addressed while talking about chest exercises for men; it is not just for 'building' your chest that you do them. Sometimes we see men with flabby chests, especially guys who are too beefed up with protein supplements and it looks nothing short of revolting. Some women even feel that men who have raised chests look 'feminine'. So it essential for men to do chest exercises for a lean masculine look.

If you want to know how to lose flab from your chest then these basic exercises are your best bet.

Simple & Effective Chest Exercises For Men:

1. Push Ups: This is the most elementary of chest exercise done at home easily but its importance is prime. Some guys who do advanced work outs miss out on these simple exercises because it doesn't give immediate results. However, whether you are an amateur or a pro, you need to do push ups necessarily. Firstly because you can target your entire chest while doing them and also that they are the most basic strength building exercises.

2. Chest Dips: These are simple enough chest exercises for men. If you have a lot of bulk then this is what you need to tone up your chest. Chest dips can be done in the gym or else these are easy enough chest exercises to do at home. If you have a dip bar or a flat plank that could be used in it's behalf then balance yourself with both hands on it. Now lower your body from your knees and do the dips 10 at a time. Even if you can mange 4 sets it will suffice to give you a worked out look.

3. Chest Fly: These are again very basic chest exercises for men. All you need if a bench and a couple of dumbbells and you not have to find time to go to the gym. Chest flies are the most elementary chest exercises done with dumbbells. Lie down flat on the bench on your back, take weights in both hands; stretch out your arms in the movement of a 'fly' and bring them to a close in air 90 degrees above your head. Repeat this ten times to start with; later you can increase it to 20 per set.

To get a leaner but well built chest follow these simple chest exercises for men in your daily regime of exercises.

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Story first published: Monday, August 22, 2011, 10:58 [IST]
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