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World Health Day 2016: What Organs Does Type 2 Diabetes Affect?

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If you have noticed any signs of diabetes, it is better not to ignore it as failure to treat it can lead you into deeper health problems that can affect your organs one by one.

Type 2 diabetes are not that visible, which is why many people who are suffering from it become aware of it towards the end. Experts state that one should take a medical test once in three months just to be ascertain that your health is perfectly fine.

What Organs Does Type 2 Diabetes Affect?

Going in for regular check-ups will only give you peace of mind. It will also make you aware if you are suffering from an health issue, so that you can get treated immediately. On the occasion of World Health day 2016, doctors advice those who have passed the age of 25 to get a diabetes test done.

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After this age, the human body is prone to stress and a whole lot of other problems which follow. Even if you have a family history of diabetes, it is advisable to take a diabetes test.

If you take a look below, this article explains to you some of the organs which get affected due to type 2 diabetes. Hope you wake up and take action before you lose your body to this leading disease in India:

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It Affects Your Beating Organ:

It Affects Your Beating Organ: Your heart and it's blood vessels are first affected, when you develop type 2 diabetes. If you don't get your diabetes treated you are at 70 percent chance of getting a heart attack and a stroke.  

It Damages Your Eyes:

It Damages Your Eyes: Diabetes also damages the eyes and one of the common eye problem which might occur due to diabetes is diabetic retinopathy. This is a condition where the disease can damage the blood vessels in the retina. In more serious cases, you will also be prone to cataracts and glaucoma.

It Takes Control Of Your Kidneys:

It Takes Control Of Your Kidneys: Look after your kidneys as this disease can cause it's failure before you know it.  The kidneys contain a million of blood vessels that help to filter waste in the blood. When you become diabetic, the disease hinders with the filtering and damages the filter. When the damage is too much, the patient will have to undergo dialysis or a kidney transplant.

It Damages Your Nerves:

It Damages Your Nerves: Excess of sugar in the body can damage the walls of the tiny capillaries that help to nourish the nerves., especially in the legs. Uncontrolled blood sugar will eventually cause you to lose a sense of feeling in the affected limbs and damage to the nerves, causes Autonomic Neuropathy.

Be Careful Of Your Feet:

Be Careful Of Your Feet: It is a known fact that  untreated,cuts and blisters can become serious infection which can lead to multiple problems in the feet. A severe damage to the leg can also lead to amputation. 

So, these are five of the organs which are affected the most when you are battling type 2 diabetes.

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