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How Safe Is Eating Berries For Diabetes

By: Pooja Kaushal
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Red, blue and black; brightly colored and packed with a burst of juice; this is how you can describe berries. They are high in nutrition value and add a flavorful twist to your recipes. But the question that arises here is that are berries healthy for diabetics.

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Once a person is diagnosed with diabetes, a whole lot of changes are made to the diet. Many things are brought down to a minimum with occasional sweet treats in the menu. With fruits beings high in sugar content, diabetics are told to administer restraint in their consumption. Berries, thankfully, are an exception and can be relished by all – diabetic or non-diabetic. So, when someone asks how safe is eating berries for diabetics the answer would be ‘very safe’. In fact, they are not only safe but beneficial as well.

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So, what it is that makes berries safe and beneficial for diabetics?

Benefits Of Berries
Compared to other fruits, berries score high in nutritional value for those diagnosed with diabetes. The various benefits can be listed down as follows.


• Low glycemic index:

The glycemic index or GI is the scale on which foods are ranked as per their carbohydrate content. Foods having a high GI raise blood sugar faster than those having a low GI. Berries are known to have a low GI which makes them ideal for diabetics.


• Antioxidant:

Foods containing antioxidants help fight the free radicals. Free radicals are produced by the body on consumption of oxygen. They cause damage to the body cells and need to be countered which is done by antioxidants. Berries containing antioxidants help fight these free radicals and protect the body against a host of diseases including diabetes.


• Multi-colored:

The more colorful the food, the greater the variety of vitamins and minerals it contains. Since berries come in a variety of colors, we can be assured that consuming these juicy and luscious fruits will provide the body with great nutrition.


• Fibrous:

Fiber-rich foods help satisfy hunger faster thereby preventing overeating. Portion control is the key to a healthy diet when suffering from diabetes. Having fibrous foods help achieve this goal and berries being high in fiber, are a good choice.


• Smoothies:

Blend a cup full of berries with either milk or yogurt to get a fruity smoothie.

Blend a cup full of berries with either milk or yogurt to get a fruity smoothie.Are berries healthy for diabetics? Well, they sure are and should be included in a good manner. When in season, you should make the most of and if possible, they should be kept frozen for the later months. The dry varieties are also available but may not be as healthy as the fresh ones; the reason being the extraction of water from the dry berries. Also to be noted here is that when consuming dry berries only half the quantity of the fresh one would be enough.

Berries In Diet
Now that we know how safe is eating berries for diabetics we can take a look at the ways in which to include them in a diabetic diet.


• Berry salad:

When planning salads include berries into it. Sprinkle a handful of berries into a large bowl of salad.


• Cereals:

A cereal breakfast is normal in many households. When having cereals, throw in a cup of berries to up the taste and nutritional value.


• Desserts:

Instead of adding sugar to many desserts it would be a good idea to use pureed berries.


• Fruit pops:

Blend berries with yogurt and freeze to make fruit lollies.


• Jams:

Blend berries and cook on a slow flame till thick and jam like. Store in the fridge and use instead of the regular jam.

Berries are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals and very safe for diabetics. Do not fret over questions like are berries healthy for diabetics or not. They are absolutely fine but like anything else portion control is required.

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