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Fashion For Health: 7 Signs That Show You’re Wearing A Wrong Bra Right Now


Bras are essential. Ask someone who has missed wearing bras in school, they'll tell you the exact story. Nobody likes saggy boobs. But most importantly nobody likes a bra that hampers your poise and the shape of your breasts.

It's highly essential that one wears a right size bra. Internet is flooded with the importance of wearing the bra right. But how do you find if the bra you're wearing right now is right or wrong.

To start with the basics, go for the proper measurements and whenever you're buying a new lingerie, always measure yourself.

Now. There are seven signs that show you need to change your bra right away. It maybe because of a wrong size. It is mostly because of a wrong size. If you're experiencing any one of the signs mentioned below then sister, it's time for you to get a new bra. For your good health and better posture:

1. Your Bra Is Leaving Impressions? Is your bra leaving marks on your skin? It's because your strap is too tight. This can hamper your poise. Loose the strap and adjust it accordingly.

2. Your Bra Pops Out Of Dresses? You can't wear backless tops or dresses because your bra keeps riding up. Then it's time to change the bra. You need a smaller band size.

3. Your Bra Straps Are Falling Off Shoulders? It's time to buy a new bra. Over time bra straps tend to loose their elasticity.

4. Side Boob Spillage Is Your Thing? You may think it's okay that your breasts are trying to pop out sideways but it is not. You're wearing a smaller size. It will also look unfit. It's time you get that measurement tape out and re-measure your bra.

5. Front Boob Spill Is Again Not Cool: Many times you'll see boobs popping out front ways. It is so conspicuous that you see it through the t-shirts. You need to change bra, sister. Try and get a full coverage bra.

6. Your Bra Is Poking You? If you're a fan of underwire bras, you might be experiencing this. You may think it's okay but it is not. It is definitely not. Take the wire out for your safety.


7. Your Bra Is Too Baggy For Your Boobs? If there is a considerable amount of gap between your cup and your breasts then it clearly indicates your bra is too big. The cups should fit around your breasts properly.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 23, 2016, 17:22 [IST]