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Want To Update Your Summer Wardrobe? Here Are Some Awesome Trendy Ideas For You


Tired of the same old repetitive clothes and accessories? This summer, try and spruce up your wardrobe with some trendy outfits and cool baubles and bags. When it comes to all things fashion, tread on the road less travelled and explore some exciting items that can help refresh your wardrobe. From summery lehengas to awesome pair of shades, we have a plethora of vibrant summer fashion ideas for you that will make you look a class apart. Adding to that, we have also picked up on the recent trends, which can totally up your style quotient. So, go ahead and experiment because summers are meant for that. Here are a few splendid fashion ideas that will inspire you to update your summer wardrobe.

Try Some Colour-blocking

Colour-blocking is actually quite fun. Imagine surprising everyone around with shocking contrasts? Sounds like a good idea, isn't it? So, take a giant leap forward and pair ensembles, which do not match at all. For instance, you can try colour-blocking parrot green top with a very bright red skirt or perhaps a pink top with red pants, or maybe yellow and black. Colour-blocking has become a huge trend now because playing with contrasting hues is so much about looking beyond set notions. Apart from that, it is a great mind exercise too as you kind of challenge yourself to make it as contrasting as it can get.

Keep Some Flowy Long Dresses

There is nothing better than long flowy dresses in summer. The best part about these long loose dresses is that they can be donned on almost any casual occasion, right from a brunch date to a quiet afternoon in a library. However, shift your focus from floral dresses a little and try some vibrant or deep hued dress with quirky prints. Also instead of figure-flattering, you can sport some loose-fitting dresses as they offer more respite from heat.

Go Dupatta Shopping

Most of us often go and buy a salwar kameez and dupatta is just an add-on item. So, how about you tweak the rules a bit and just go dupatta-hunting? It is interesting and you never know when that particular dupatta can come into use. So many times, we have a salwar kameez but we don't have a pretty dupatta. Also, dupatta can be wrapped like a scarf, so you can even team it with your plain-hued tops. If you are planning to do some dupatta-shopping, try some Benarasi silk ones or linen dupattas because they can totally spruce up your ensemble. However, you can opt for more variety.

Definitely Buy A Handloom Sari

You might have some fusion saris like a dhoti sari in your wardrobe but nothing can beat a humble handloom sari. A hand-woven sari will not only be a refreshing outfit in your wardrobe but if draped properly, these saris can make you look effortlessly graceful. Also, in the times of fast fashion, we should slow down a bit and promote sustainability and weavers of the country. So, say with a Chanderi silk sari, you can actually indirectly promote eco-friendly fashion. It is a total win-win situation for you and this will make your mother happy too.

A Wicker Basket Can Be A Good Idea

Fashion is also about imagination running freely! Yes, you might have a collection of smart and quirky bags but how about buying a small wicker basket bag too. Depending on the space in your cupboard because these baskets tend to occupy a bit more of space than usual, you can buy a wicker basket. The good part is that you can store a lot of items in these bags. On the second thought, wicker baskets can actually resolve space issue. Also, if you are game and going shopping, you can wear a long flowy dress and carry this wicker basket. You might just create a trend.

Don't Forget To Keep Quirky Tees

So often it happens that we think about having quirky tees but when we do shopping, we completely forget about these t-shirts. There is no denying the fact that T-shirts are essential and most of us frequently wear tees. This summer, instead of athleisure, invest in some quirky or t-shirts with messages. It is always comfy to wear your heart out and with a t-shirt you can quite literally do that. Quirky tees not only elevate your attire but also give an interesting dimension to your look. Also, these tees can also help you notice how many people relate to your thoughts and moreover can lead to some candid conversations.

Summer Fashion Trends 2019

How About Denim Boots?

Denims don't go out of vogue is an old adage. Denim fabric can actually be put to various uses. Beyond dresses and jackets, this fabric can be even used in making boots. Now, that sounds so awesome an idea. Denim boots can absolutely give pants-falling-down effect, if paired with a white shirt and that's the fun part. While you look cool and sassy in your denim boots, the others can go green with envy. So, how about giving denim boots a shot?

Invest In A Lehenga With A Resort-wear Twist

Yes, we are inspiring you to look beyond the traditional bridal lehengas, which are all about embellishments and elaborate work. On the contrary, we feel that you should elevate your wardrobe with a light and quirky lehenga, which are not just restricted to weddings and other such formal functions. You can even wear them to evening beach parties. So how about investing in a vibrantly-hued lehenga with eye-catching prints and a complementing bustier? High time you give your wardrobe an exotic touch!

Don't Think, Buy Cat-eyed Frames

Cat-eyed frames come in a number of sizes and we love how easily these frames can up your style quotient. So, if you haven't bought these as yet, we suggest you buy these quirky frames. A number of Bollywood celebs such as Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Alia Bhatt have popularised this trend. These frames can be worn with just about any outfit and can totally give a different tangent to your look.

Sheers And No Fears

You should totally have a sheer dress or shirt in your wardrobe. The sheer ensembles are usually light, breezy, and delicate. Summer season allows you to sport a sheer dress and these dresses can absolutely make you look distinctive. Also, a combination of sheer shirt and plain trousers is rocking enough. We are totally buying something sheer, are you too?

So, which trendy summer fashion idea will you pick in order to refresh your wardrobe?

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