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The Fashionable Indian State: Mumbaikars Love For Hipster Rags

By Kaustubha

What vibrant hues are to Delhi, easy-breezy hipster is to Mumbai. In a layman's language, Mumbai folks are the pioneers of hipster fashion in the country. While in capital you see myriad colors of high-fashion, on the other hand Mumbaikars' approach to fashion is rather subtle and low toned. In Delhi, you'll find a range of sequin dresses and runway gowns while in Mumbai you'll witness a mellowed form of high-end fashion.

Even at popular places like Social or Blue Frog, you can barely spot a girl wearing a sequin dress. Street fashion in Mumbai is different from the rest of states. Peeps in Mumbai love quirky, unique and intuitive fashion fads, and that what attracts a hipster fashion phenomena in this part of the country.

It's a funny saying, while it takes many hours to get ready for a concert, a Mumbaikar can come in his/her Hawaiians cladding the most regular tee and a pair of baggy pants. Though people in this town do not appreciate gaudy and vibrant hues, but that doesn't mean they are any less than other fashion states. Here people have a hippie hint to their outfits.

It is usual to spot a guys wearing soda glasses, a way bigger than the size of his face, or a girl clothed in a tunic from Herculean era. They keep it simple yet quirky. And having inspired by Mumbai's quirky taste in fashion, we have decided to expose them here on our Boldsky Fashion section The Fashion Indian States, or let's say let's look into the closet of The Indian Hipster state. So here goes...


Quirky Pants

Mumbai folks love trying their hands at every quirky, especially pants. You'll see a number of them sporting a unique cotton pant at concerts.
Image Courtesy: Pinkvilla

Hats and Belts

A typical Mumbaikar love to don a hat or a belt. They usually pair it with funky pants.

Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed


The Classy Hairdo

As stated earlier, Mumbaikars are very eccentric in their fashion choices. Be it pants, jackets or the hairstyles, the follow the same rule for all.


The Kurta Fad

They love to wear kurtas, accessorized with junk jewelry. You get to see a lot of these ensembles in flea markets.

Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed


Bring Those Maxis

An easy-breezy maxi is a Mumbaikar's typical street style. The maxis state the mood and also make one comfortable in that hot and humid climate.


Cotton Dresses And Tunics

A cotton dress or a cotton tunic comes handy to Mumbai folks. They love to accessorize the dress with sling bags and hats. Sometimes, a pair of good-looking sneakers.


Shorts For Humid Summers

It's mandatory to own a pair of summer shorts in that forever hot and humid sea breeze.

Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed


Long Coats And Straight Pants

However the weather doesn't permit the use of coat, but Mumbai folks have find their way out to clad the unseasonal rag in their own way. Mostly light fabric coats are worn with straight pants,.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 20, 2015, 20:27 [IST]
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