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The Fashionable Indian State- Delhi Has Its Unique Style Quotient Too, Check It Out


The Fashionable Indian State comes twice a week on the Boldsky Fashion segment. Our effort is to give you the proper knowledge about every Indian state. Yes, India is diverse and every state or capital city has their own traditional or diverse fashion quotient.

We spoke about Kerala, Assam, Rajasthan and Kashmir in the previous days. So after covering the fashion quotient of all the four corners of India, That is north, south, east, west; we've come to the center part of India: Delhi.

Delhi is the home of the capital city of India, and also one of the union territories. Do you have the word 'cosmopolitan' in mind? Yes, Delhi is a cosmopolitan being the capital of India, and people from all over India and world can be found here. Though it is diverse in nature, Delhites do have a designated fashion quotient. People not originally from Delhi, but yet living in Delhi also tend to follow the typical Dilliwala fashion.

Now, let us see what Delhi has in store for us.

1. Patialas

My, my, this is a must have when it comes to Delhi fashion. As Delhi is fairly dominated by the punjabi community, Patiala pants, with kurtis or tees has become a signature style of Delhi. From seventeen to seventy, everyone is seen donning them.

2. Denims & Shawls

Nothing is more romantic and sexy than 'Dilli Ki Sardi'. Delhi Fashion Is more vibrant during the winters. As the temperature goes down to a minimum of 5 degree Celsius, nothing better than a shawl can pamper your body like a sweater can. Yes, almost everyone is seen wearing a shawl on top of the sweaters. But shawls with jeans is seen most commonly amongst the youngsters.

3. Scarfs

Voila! One of the penchant of the Delhites. Scarfs are to die for. They love to wear scarfs with tops and kurtis. Delhi is the epitome of Fashion during winters and people are seen frolicking and so perky with their style quotient, one can't stop envying.

4. The DU ( Delhi University) Fashion

Oye! Hoye! This should be the word cause Delhi University just has it's own fashion statement. To be honest, every college, class could be termed as the runway in Delhi University. From Ramjas to Hansraj and SRCC ( Sriram College of Commerce) to St. Stephen's the style and fashion in them is just the eternal bliss. Students are usually clad in casuals, like denim and shorts or one piece dresses. They are the best example of street style in India.

So next time if you're in Delhi, that too during winters; don't forget to get these fashion items in your bags, or to shop them from Sarojini. Also, after you clad them and walk the streets of Delhi, don't forget to have an ice-cream in the cold at 2 AM, at the India Gate(very important). Fore more such updates on Indian Fashionable States, stay tuned. But don't forget to give your views on Delhi Fashion

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