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Fashion For Health: 6 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Pick Up Your Next Pair Of Heels

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Picking the right type of heels for yourself can be quite a task as it can have a dozen of side effects on your health when you pick up the wrong pair for yourself, and not to mention the regret of having spent so much money for a pair of heels that you never used.

The right type of heels can work in a lot of good ways for you. It can boost your confidence, make your legs look super sexy and give you that instant fashionista touch.

Keeping that in mind, let us take a look at some factors that you need to keep in mind before you pick up your next pair of heels.


Measure Your Foot

It is good to keep measuring your foot, since feet size tend to change with age and even shrink as you grow older.


Comfort Is Priority

Walk around in them and check how they feel on your feet. If they are a tad bit tight, do not assume that they will expand eventually since that is not the case with most heels.


Go Shoe Shopping During Noontime

Yes, you heard that right. During noontime your foot naturally expands, thus giving you the most accurate fit.


Matching It Up

Everytime you pick a pair of heels you need to mentally scan through your wardrobe and make sure that the shoes go well with a minimum of three ensembles.


Heel Caps

This revolutionary new trim is an addition to save you and everyone around you from the noisy heel syndrome.


Usage Of Extra Support

Sometimes you need to pamper your feet to feel more comfortable in a pair of shoes. So, you could opt for arch support or comfy insoles to walk around in heels all day.

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