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Fashion For Health: 6 Fashion Items That Affect Your Health, Shockingly!

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Fashion is sexy, hot, lovely, beautiful, crazy, weird but sometimes, fashion can be deadly. Who thought the things that make you look so beautiful can be a cause of your joint pains?!

Well. Your little clothing items can affect you adversely. And they're affecting you right now while you read this. Your shoes, your inner wears, your denim...

It's more real than you thought. You may have been ignoring that prolong discomfort in the foot. But guess what? That is not because of the wrong heel size that is because of heels in general. 

You may not believe it at first but there at least 6 items in wardrobe right now that can cause you chronic pains and affect your health adversely. We have listed these 6 items over here.

It's not possible to avoid these completely but at least, after reading this you can start using them only when required. 


Fashion Threat No 1: Pencil Heels

They look beautiful on you and best option for adding some inches to your height. But it has been studied that wearing heels every day can be fatal. It can affect your posture and can cause severe joint pains. Girls who are used to wear pencil heels go through knee ligament tear often.


Fashion Threat No. 2: Satin Or Lace Panties

It's alright to feel sexy sometimes. But if you want to feel sexy all the times while wearing a satin or lace underwear then it can cost you some. These fabrics stimulateyeast or fungus growth.

So ladies, keep using cotton panties and put these on only when you really need to wear them.


Fashion Threat No. 3: Slimming Underwear

This has become quite the trend to hide the bulging belly fat. You look slimmer instantly but do you know that these put a pressure on your digestive system and can cause you breathing and digestive problems?

Wear them only when you have no option left.


Fashion Threat No. 4: Skinny Jeans

Yes, they are super hot. But the beauty comes with a cost of your thighs. Squeezing jeans can numb your thighs. You may have often seen rashes on your skin when you take them off.


Fashion Threat No. 5: Bras

Yes. After a century, when women finally started wearing bras, it turns out they are bad for health. But not all bras are. It is highly recommended that you wear a proper-sized bra. Doctors suggest to completely avoid underwires.

So ladies, go for the bras but just be sure it's the right size.


Fashion Threat No. 6: Flip Flops

You didn't believe this? Right? While you may have heard of heels but flip flops? No way. It's true though. Since theflip-flopss have no arch support, it leads to acute joint pains.

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