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9 Cheapest Ways To Make Your Own Necklace At Home

Posted By: Staff

Jewellery is one of the best assets a fashionista has when it comes to dressing it up. A nice simple piece of jewellery can make your entire ensemble much better than what it was before. We all love accessorising, some like it chunky whereas others go minimalistic.

The most prominent and go-to option amongst jewellery is definitely neck pieces. A neck jewellery enhances your neckline and collar bones and looks stunning when paired up with the right outfits. It does not always have to be expensive and you could go the thrifty way and DIY it.

So, today we have a list of 9 creative ideas to make your own necklaces at home to match up with all your cute outfits.


Leather Collar Neckpiece

It is as simple as cutting out a collar shape from your favourite scrap leather and attach a metal string or chain for easy usage.
Source: Refinery 29


Washer Necklace

You will have to go to your store room for furniture extras and pick up the circular washers that are used as base when you screw the nails. Place them side by side in a desired chain and wrap them up with jewellery making wires.
Source: By Wilma


Clay Bead Neckpiece

Polymer clay is easily available at all craft stores and in multiple shades. So all you have to do is make them into bead-like structures and thread them through to make yourself the cutest neckpiece of all times.
Source: Delighted Momma


Geometric Pattern Pendant

Plastic sheets with a certain amount of thickness isthe best for this. You need to cut them up into a desired shape and then use a sharpie or a marker to draw your pattern on. Then just fix the chain from corner to corner to get your chic new neckpiece.
Source: Hocuskocis Blogspot


Woven Chain

This has been all the rage off late and you should try it too. Use funk fabrics to create this look along with chunky metal links that are easily available everywhere.
Source: Honestly wtf


Metallic Cuff Look

Use a spare fabric and slip on metallic painted tubes to give it this edgy and stylish look.
Source: PS I made this


Spray Paint Necklace

All of us have that one old studded necklace that is not in fashion anymore. All you need to do is spray paint it with a funky neon colour all over. This will instantly make it more trendy and chic.
Source: A pair and a spare diy


Braided Beads

String up your favourite little beads onto fibre threads and bunch at least three of them together and braid triple bunches together to get that classy looking beaded necklaces.
Source: E cab online


Braided Rope Necklace

This is one more technique that can look stunning. Do this one in the shades that would compliment most of your outfits. Braid the ropes and seal the ends and string it up.
Source: A beautiful mess

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