Star Signature Style: Akshay Kumar's Unfading Love For Denims & Checks

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Mr.Khiladi is known for a lot of things in Bollywood. Action, great sense of humor, punctuality, and dancing are a few things Akshay Kumar revel in, but did you know he is also a man of style? While his looks in movies might vary as per character's demand, but in person his style follows the same genre of clothing and that is: Denims & Checks.

There were ample of times when Akshay was seen sporting a casual checkered shirt and denims. Even his paparazzi shots taken incessantly at the airports tell a similar story. His love for denims is something which we all know.

It became quite coherent when Akshay became the brand ambassador of Levi's, a popular denim jeans brand.
My mnemonic to this story is the incident when Twinkle Khanna unbuttoned Akshay's jeans and next day it made headlines. So even if you don't remember Akshay shaking hands with Levi's, you might recall the controversy linked to it. Loud and clear.

Akki's famous statement, "When in doubt, wear blue jeans and a white shirt." proves his denim love even further. And our thoughts on this are: Undoubtedly, jeans are the best when paired with a white shirt. Akki is known for carrying a rugged and yet simple signature style. Though publicly establishing himself as a denim man, he also has a penchant for checks.
If you doubt us have a look at some of his pictures in the article below and you'll know we don't lie when it comes to fashion.
One thing is clear through this, Akki fans have not much to work on their wardrobe. Just get a pair of nice denims and checkered shirt and you are done.

Here Akshay dons a denim with a bad boy attitude, probably for the shoot.

Akshay Kumar's Unfading Love For Denims & Checks

One of many paparazzi shots of Akshay where he is cladding a checkered shirt.

Akshay Kumar's Unfading Love For Denims & Checks

Mr.Khiladi looks quite happy in the best shade of denims

Akshay Kumar's Unfading Love For Denims & Checks

From good old days' sake

Akshay Kumar's Unfading Love For Denims & Checks

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Note: All Images are taken from Pinterest.

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