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Kangana Ranaut's Wardrobe In Judgementall Hai Kya Is As Quirky As Her Character In The Movie


Judgementall Hai Kya starring Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao in the lead opened to positive reviews. A lot of critics have shared their reviews about the movie but we were particularly interested in Kangana's wardrobe in the movie. Sheetal Sharma was the costume designer of the movie and his outfit choices certainly brought alive the quirky and fierce character of Bobby (played by Kangana Ranaut in the movie).

Kangana Ranaut's ensembles in Judgementall Hai Kya were eccentric like her character in the movie. There was a lot of asymmetry and randomness to her attire, which actually established a connect between the character and the costume. Though her ensembles are western but her clothes in the movie represented non-conformism to a great extent. Kangana Ranaut's wardrobe in Judgementall Hai Kya symbolises a woman, who has her own notions and allows her mood affect her clothing. For instance, in a scene, where the clothes are hanging on a clothesline, Kangana is seen in a blue T-shirt with a cat graphic print. Her top gave us a feeling that she is in a detective mode and trying to get something out of Rajkummar Rao.

Well, not just the tee with a cat print, her ensembles in the movie are mostly patterned and vibrant but also sometimes dull and muted. Her black attire with pink, green, and blue floral accents and those diamond-shaped sunglasses showed some level of coolness. But the mood shifts to an irritated one, when the quirky sunglasses gets replaced by an eye mask. And that eye mask of hers was far from ordinary. In fact, it is an eye mask that screamed eye mask with yellow and blue eye prints. Kangana Ranaut's nightsuit looked interesting too with footwear prints.

There was so much assortment to her Judgementall Hai Kya wardrobe that the movie apart from having a compelling plot was a visual delight too. The flowy floral outfit in the scene, where she says to Rajkummar Rao, "I will expose you" was another pretty outfit, which fits well in the scene. There is a scene, where she probably comes out of a restaurant/shop with a group of people, who are dressed in a similar unconventional style as hers. Here Kangana Ranaut is spotted in an attire, which featured a mix of patterns - polka dots and checks. She teamed this ensemble with pink shoes and a scarf. This particular outfit in the movie throws a light on her character in the movie, which is far removed from the reality. Also, a scene in the movie also shows her in a traditional avatar, where she is seen holding a candelabra and that outfit itself reflects on the versatile nature of her character, Bobby.

Well, at last, we must say that clothes do have a lot of potential in defining the character. The outfits can even make or break a character but in Kangana's case in Judgementall Hai Kya, the ensembles worked in her favour and made her character more fascinating.

Pic Credits: All Pics Are From The Stills Of The Movie/ Balaji Motion Pictures