How To Choose The Right Pasta?

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You may cook the best pasta but there is something about pasta you need to know. There are many types of pasta so you need to learn the art of choosing the right one. Not all pastas go well with sauces. If some taste good with red and some taste best with white. Take a look to understand the important considerations for purchasing pasta to save your cooking efforts.

Cooking Tips: Selecting The Right Pasta

1. Prefer Wheat Pastas – There may be many pastas available in the market but choose the semolina pasta as its healthy and that's what the Italians use. Get the orginality in your cooking. In some countries, the wheat pastas are not pure durum/semolina pastas. They are mixed with wheat flour which when made results in sticky and delicate product, not a good choice.

2. Check Quality – Take a sample of the brand and cook it. The best spaghetti doesn't stick to each other and if it does, change the brand.

3. Dry Or Fresh, What's Your Choice – Both fresh and dry pastas are used in the Italian cuisine. Fresh pastas are prepared at the time and cooked with sauce. They are comparatively soft and almost melt in the heavy sauce. Tortellini and Ravioli are the top class fresh pastas.

Dry pastas are normally available just like noodles. They are easy to make and best when you have to cook in sufficient quantities.Spaghetti, penne and rigatoni are best among these.

4. Choosing The Right Pasta Sauce – Thick and creamy sauces suit dry pastas as they don't melt easily. Rigatoni and rotini suit cheese sauces while for fresh pastas, the density needs to reduce. Delicate pasta will have to be graced with thin sauce containing olive oil, fresh garlic and herbs. Olive oil is best sauce base.

5. Pasta is a side dish in the Italian cuisine so it will be ideal if your meal is planned their way. Let your meal be a combo of vegetables, fruits, salads with the little amount of the dish.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 22, 2012, 16:17 [IST]
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