How To Make The Perfect Plate Presentation?

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Presentation of food is as important as flavour. So, tempt your eyes. Relish the simplest and delicious food with fascinating art. Here are few guidelines for the perfect plate presentation.



Shape- you can choose plates with different shapes and sizes. Make sure that the plate holds food comfortably; giving the perfect appearance that is not too crumby and brassy.

Colour- Use plates that contrast the food colour. For instance use white plates for dark food or dark chocolate torte and rustic terracotta plate for food that are light in colour like prawn filled tortilla.

Remember odd number of food items on a plate look better than even numbers.

Arranging Food

Before the food is placed add an extra shine by sprinkling finely chopped herbs, nuts, or spices on the lightly oil coated rim of the plate. For dessert plates you can sprinkle cocoa or powdered sugar. Combine hard and soft textures, smooth and rough type of food. 

When arranging the food don't leave too much space between the items, at the same time do not overcrowd it. You need not arrange all the items in the center. Place the main part of your dish at the front of the plate. If you have different sizes of food items place the tallest item at the back and follow it in a descending way.

While serving vegetables like asparagus with meat, arrange the stalks in the criss- cross pattern on the plate and then add the meat on the top.

Garnishing food

For garnishing use a strand of lemon or orange peel on the plate. Place a slice of fruit that contrasts with the colour of food beside the peel. Make sure that the garnishes used compliment the food and colours. For instance adding red tomato for every green dish without relating to the taste makes no sense.

Paint or drizzle or stripe across the plate using a sauce bottle. Use chocolate for desserts and barbecue sauce for meats.

You can even use fresh herbs like scallion flower and rosemary sprig on the plate for garnishing. However, never garnish with anything inedible.

Serve the carrots or cucumbers or onions in slicing breast rather than serving it as a whole piece. Cut them in shapes that contrast such as triangle or thin long strips, or oval shapes. Place them around the food or just in a corner one after the other for that fine look. Remember not to place too much of it on the plate that your guest will not be able to eat it.

If the food has been placed in the plate for a long time lightly brush it with warm water and little olive oil, for its just cooked aura.

For the finishing touch use props like napkin and fork. Place a folded napkin tucked under the plate or a fork casually placed at the background. Use anything that goes with the food and serving.

Colour, texture, shapes, and arrangements work together for the art of plate presentation. However, make sure that the food taste good also, for the full equation to your splendid work. Present it as a symbiosis between taste and aesthetics. Feast your eyes and your palate for that wonderful dinner experience.

Story first published: Friday, February 16, 2007, 15:30 [IST]
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