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Shakkar Pare Sweet Recipe For Diwali

By Debdatta Mazumder

Diwali is fast approaching us and the preparation for it is almost beginning. Diwali is the occasion to get together with the family members, have a party, check on the amazing lights, crackers and obviously, gorge on sweets. You can't imagine Diwali without kaju katlis or ladoos, can you?

Well, we're here to add a little sweet to your life, which is why we've shared this yummy sweet recipe of Shakkar Pare. This is an awesome sweetmeat to make your Diwali delightful.

So, have a look at the ingredients requirred and the procedure to prepare this sweet and enjoy your Diwali in all its gaiety.

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Serves - 4

Preparation Time - 30 minutes

Cooking Time - 50 minutes


For Shakkar Pare

1. Whole wheat flour - 2 cups

2. Ghee - 2 tbsp

3. Water as required

4. Semolina - ¼th cup

5. Oil for deep frying

For Sugar Syrup

1. Powdered Sugar - 1 cup

2. Water - ½ cup

3. Saffron strands - few (optional)

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1. Take flour into a bowl and add semolina, ghee and sugar into it. Mix all the ingredients well.

2. Now, add water as per needed to make the dough. Knead it well and make the dough soft and firm.

3. Divide it into two equal parts and cover it with a clean cotton cloth.

4. After a few minutes, take a ball from the dough and roll it into a thick paratha.

5. Now, cut the paratha horizontally and vertically to get the diamond shaped pieces.

6. Then, heat some oil in a pan.

7. Add those small pieces into the oil and deep fry them. Keep the flame on a medium temperature.

8. Don't pour all the pieces together in the kadai. There should be enough space for the frying of the shakkar pare.

9. Fry them until they turn golden brown in colour. Remove them from the kadhai and drain the excess oil by keeping the pieces on a kitchen towel.

For The Sugar Syrup

1. Take sugar in a pan and add water.

2. Keep the pan on low to medium flame and stir the sugar to be dissolved in water.

3. Stir the mixture until it starts bubbling and gets sticky. Add saffron strands into the syrup.

4. Continue cooking up to two-three strings.

5. Finally, spread the sugar syrup on the shakkar pare and let it cool.

Your shakkar pare is ready to be served.

Note: You should pour the sugar syrup when hot on the shakkar pare, otherwise it may crystallize.