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Navratri Coconut Laddoo

Posted By: Staff
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Navratri is celebrated with richness all over India and Indians all over the world bask in these nine days with extra tasty sweets and specialties.

Here is a sweet recipe for Navratri, enjoy this dish make this time extra special. This coconut laddoo recipe will make your mouth swirl with sweetness.

Navratri Coconut Laddoo

All you need to make coconut laddoo is
3 cups of dry grated coconut
2 cups of sugar
1 cup of milk


1.You have to first boil the milk in the pan.

2.When the milk is boiled, add in the grated coconut and mix well continuously.

3.Add in the sugar, when the coconut gets well absorbed with the milk

4.Keep stirring the mixture well, until you see it leaving the sides of the pan.

5.After a while, remove the mixture.

6.Let it cool for sometime and make into small balls.

7.Roll these small balls into the remaining grated coconut.

8.Let it cool for sometime.

Your coconut laddoos are ready to eat. Have a blessed Navratri.

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