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Rakhi 2020: 10 Best Sweet Recipes For Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and it's the time for celebration. This year it falls on 3 August. The festival is celebrated all over the country with great fervour. Indian festivals without a variety of sweets are unimaginable. Raksha Bandhan is one Indian festival in which sweets have a crucial role to play. It is time to prepare some exotic sweets at home and forget about those irritating calories for the time being.

On the eve of Raksha Bandhan, Boldsky brings you a spectacular variety of some delicious Indian sweets to choose from. The halwa, kheer, ghevar, gujiyas etc. are some of the most loved and popular sweet recipes for Raksha Bandhan.

In most parts of the country, Raksha Bandhan is being celebrated today while in other parts, it will be celebrated tomorrow. So, if you are still gearing up for the festive occasion then here are some authentic dessert recipes to try out.


Atte Ka Halwa

Halwa is a traditional Indian sweet dish that is prepared on almost all the occasions. Be it a big or a small festival, you cannot serve a feast without adding a spoonful of halwa. There are many halwa recipes that can be made using different ingredients like wheat flour, suji (semolina), almonds or moong dal.


Kesari Sandesh

Kesar means saffron and sandesh is a special Bengali sweet made with paneer. So, here is a Raksha Bandhan special sandesh recipe with a twist of saffron in it.


Dates Halwa

To prepare this lip-smacking delight make sure that you use soft, de-seeded dates. If the dates you have are hard, then soak them in warm milk for 5-6 hours and then go on with the recipe. Dates halwa is not only delicious but also healthy at the same time since dates are a rich source of iron, vitamins and minerals.


Malai Ghevar

Malai Ghevar is a Rajasthani delicacy made during the Hindu month of Shravan. It is available in the market only during this time and is a popular choice of dessert for Raksha Bandhan.


Pesarapappu Payasam

Indian festivals are as usual incomplete without elaborate dessert recipes. But Pesarapappu Payasam is good option because is is both easy and quick to make. It is basically a South Indian recipe for payasam or kheer. Pesarapappu Payasam is made of moong dal and therefore has a rich yellow colour after preparation.


Soan Papdi

Soan papdi or sonpapri is a square shaped crispy and flaky sweet dish. The recipe is very easy and you can prepare it at home itself.


Mango Rasgulla

Also known as Kamala Bhog, mango flavoured rasgullas can bring a new flavour on the dessert plate. As it is off season, many sweet shops add mango essence and flavour to prepare mango rasgullas.


Chana Dal Banana Kheer

Kheer is widely prepared in almost every Hindu festival. If you like kheer, then this is one of the best dishes you can learn. It is a simple Raksha Bandhan recipe which every sister needs to try and pamper her brother(s).


Sooji Ka Halwa

Suji ka halwa, besan ka halwa are few easy to make Indian sweet dishes that you can prepare within few minutes. In many households, suji ka halwa is prepared with dry fruits and saffron and served for breakfast. Suji ka halwa can be too sweet for your taste so, many people team it up with roasted chickpeas or papad and bhujia.


Coconut Gujiya

Coconut gujiyas are the perfect Indian dessert to celebrate this bitter-sweet relationship with your brother. Gujiya is a traditional Rakhi recipe. Apart from being a popular sweet dish for Rakhi, Gujiyas are also prepared on other auspicious occasions like Holi and Diwali.

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