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Ice Gola: Recipe To Beat The Heat!

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Ice gola is not just another summer recipe under the sun. It is a dish with which each one of us associate our school days. Yet when we become parents we forbid our children to have this ingenious Indian dessert labeling it 'unhealthy'. Strictly speaking, ice gola is a street food which we all enjoy! So why deprive your kids? Let them enjoy this summer recipe from your own kitchen.

Like most other street food, this Indian dessert ice candy is very easy to make at home. This summer recipe basically consists of crushed ice flavoured with different types of syrups; that is it. All you have to do is frost the ice with clean water and use a good quality syrup.

Ingredients For Ice Gola:

1. Crushed ice (a handful for each gola)
2. Molds for the candy
3. Stick to hold the candy 1 (each)
4. Sugar syrup 1 tablespoon (each)
5. Salt 1 pinch (each)
6. Black salt (kala namak) few pinches
7. Sherbet syrup of choice 2-4 tablespoons

Procedure For Making Ice Gola:

  • The street venders use an ice crushing machine but you can grind the ice with a blender. You can do this provided you have the right blades for it.
  • Otherwise, the manual method is to tie a few pieces of ice in a cloth and then pound it with a hammer or rolling pin (baylan).
  • Once the crush is ready you can either mold it into a round shape buy cupping your hands or you can put it into the molds of different shapes.
  • Compress the ice around the head of the stick as the centre to hold the candy.
  • Now keep the candy in a bowl of similar size and pour the syrup of your choice on it. You can also pour juice concentrate or sherbet mix.
  • Season it with salt and black salt.

Let you kids enjoy ice gola that is hygienic and see them have fun with colourful lips.

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Story first published: Friday, March 16, 2012, 13:40 [IST]
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