Coconut Pancake For Pancake Day!

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Coconut pancake is like a perfect mix of Eastern and Western cuisines and what better day to do that than the holy Pancake Day! Coconut recipes are generally popular in the East, to be specific the south east Asia. Pancake recipes on the other hand are tried mostly in Europe and the Mediterranean regions. However, as it is Pancake Day (or Fat Tuesday in America or Mardi Gras in France) you can add touch of Asian flavours to your traditional pancake recipe.

The best part about coconut pancakes as homemade dessert is that they are incredibly easy to make and quick too. Pancake Day is not an official holiday everywhere in the world so it makes sense to try a recipe that is fast so that it can be made on your working day too.

Coconut Pancake For Pancake Day!

Ingredients For Coconut Pancake:

1. Coconut (grated) 1 cup
2. All purpose flour 2 cups
3. Coconut water 1 cup (from a mature not tender coconut)
4. Coconut milk ' cup (buy a can or grind a few coconut pieces and squeeze the milk)
5. Egg 1 (beaten)
6. Sugar (finely ground) 2 tablespoon
7. Vanilla essence 2 drops
8. Butter 2 tablespoons
9. Baking soda 1 teaspoon
10. Salt 1 pinch

Procedure For Coconut Pancakes:

  • Take a mixing bowl and mix all the dry ingredients like grated coconut, flour, sugar and baking soda in it. Season with a bit of salt and vanilla essence for flavour.
  • Now whisk the egg with coconut milk for a couple of minutes and pour it over the dry ingredients.
  • Add coconut water to beat and mix the batter into the rich consistency.
  • Warm a pan and melt butter on; not all at once because the pancake will soak it all but about quarter of a spoon for each pancake.
  • Pour the batter on the pan and spread it out with a ladle in a round shape. Turn around and brown on both sides.

You can serve your homemade desserts, coconut pancakes, hot with jelly or maple syrup.

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