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Aamras: Indian Mango Juice Recipe

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Aamras is a quintessential mango juice recipe in India. This Indian recipe is so common in the mango season, that it is a part of collective memory now. Aamras is the Indian term for pulpy mango juice. It is a summer recipe that serves as a gravy, refreshment and sauce. This summer drink is muti-purpose tin every way.

You can have this as a normal mango juice by diluting it a little. You can have it as a side dish with rotis (Indian flat breads). This Indian recipe also serves as a great sauce replacement in the summer. It is not uncommon for folks to dip their samosa in a bit of aamras.

Ingredients For Aamras:

1. Aam or Mangoes 1 kilo
2. Sugar (finely ground) 1 cup
3. Whole Milk(preferably) ½ litre

Procedure For Making Aamras:

  • Peel mangoes and seed them. You cannot use the seed of the mango in this recipe. You can either enjoy suckling on it or throw it.
  • Cut the mangoes into small pieces, and then put them into the blender. Make a smooth pulp out of the mangoes.
  • Add sugar to milk and stir it in. The sugar should be powdered so that it mixes in the milk completely.
  • The milk should ideally be whole milk that is chilled overnight in the refrigerator.
  • After the sugar dissolves completely, add the mango pulp to it. You can either mix it with an electronic blender or manually.

Aamras can be stored for weeks if it is refrigerated properly.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 29, 2012, 13:16 [IST]
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