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Janmashtami 2019: Check Out The Delicious Fried Recipes For our Family!


On the 24th August 2019, the entire world is going to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami, which is believed to be the birthday of Lord Krishna.

Across the globe the devotees celebrate this day with great zeal and fervour. There are lakhs of devotees of lord Krishna.

According to the Hindu mythology, Krishna was a food lover. One of the most loved food items of Krishna is believed to be butter and poha ( beaten rice). Many special dishes are prepared on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami.

Janmashtami Puja Vidhi, Vrat (Fast) | ऐसे करें जन्माष्टमी का व्रत और पूजन | Astrology | Boldsky

Milk Desserts Recipe To Try This Evening

Boldsky brings to you a list of mouth-watering fried food items that are prepared on this special day. Some of the special dishes that are prepared are fried poha, chakli, koduballe, mixture, sev and others. So, let's take a look at the fried foods that you can prepare on this janmashtami-

Rituals Of Janmashtami



yummy murukulu is prepared using butter, gram flour, chilli powder. This is one of the recipes that you have to try for janmasthami.



This is the typical south Indian recipe. Kodubale is prepared using rice flour, chilli powder, om powder. Kodubale tastes yummy and spicy and is generally prepared for janmasthami.


Fried poha :

This is the best food that is loved by lord Krishna. Poha is one dish that is definetly prepared in the houses on occasion of janmasthami. This is a very simple fried recipe that you can try for janmasthami.


Kadabu :

Kadabu is not only prepared for ganesh chaturthi but is also offered to Krishna on janmasthami.



Everybody loves this circled spicy snack.Chakli is among the fried dishes that is prepared on janmasthami. This is a must recipe for janmasthami.


Sev :

The most simple and easy fried recipe for janmasthami is sev. This recipe hardly takes any time and tastes the best. This too is prepared using rice flour and chilli powder, salt and oil. It is one of the best and easy recipe that you can try for janmasthami.


Mixture :

It is just as its name implies a mixture of all the spicy snacks. You can find, sev, muruku, fried ground nuts, fried coconut pieces , fried curry leaves in it.

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