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Mosaru Ambode Or Dahi Vada For Ugadi

By Debdatta Mazumder

Ugadi is the first day of the Chaitra Masam as per the Hindu calendar. It denotes the New Year in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The first day of the Kannad New Year is celebrated as Ugadi and it is one of the most auspicious occasions of the state. People, dressed in new clothes, decorate their houses with rangolis and 'torans' made of mango leaves and garlands.

As Ganesh Chaturthi is associated with the preparation of laddoos, Mosaru Ambode is definitely related to Ugadi. Now, if you are a South Indian, you would know what this is.

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For non-Kannada people, Mosaru Ambode is nothing but dahi vada. However, it tastes different from the conventional dahi vada and during Ugadi, people have it to increase the celebratory mood of the festival.

So, would you want to know how to make Mosaru Ambode? Then, continue reading to know its recipe.

Serves - 10 Vadas

Preparation Time - 30 minutes

Cooking Time - 30 minutes


1. Chana Dal - 2 cups

2. Dill Leaves - ¾th cup (chopped)

3. Green Chilli - 7to 8

4. Onions - 2 (finely chopped)

5. Oil for deep frying

6. Salt as per taste

7. Curd - 3 cups

8. Ginger - ½ tsp (grated)

9. Carrots - ¼th cup (chopped and for garnishing)

10. Coriander Leaves - 2 tbsp (chopped and for garnishing)

For Tempering:

11. Mustard Seeds - 1 tsp

12. Curry Leaves - 1 sprig

13. Urad Dal - 1 tsp

14. Asafetida - a pinch

15. Oil - 1 tsp

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For The Vada:

1. Soak chana dal overnight. Once those are fluffy enough, drain the water well and keep a little portion of dal aside.

2. Now, put the remaining dal, green chilli, ginger and salt into a blender and blend it into a coarse mix. Don't make it too smooth.

3. Take the mixture into a bowl and mix the chana dal with it that you had kept aside. Also, add salt, dill leaves and chopped onions into the mixture and mix it well.

4. Take small portions of it onto your palm and make balls. Flatten those to give the shape of a vada.

5. Deep fry those in hot oil until the vadas turn brown in colour. Keep those on a kitchen towel.

For Mosaru Ambode:

1. Keep the vadas for 2 hours and let it get cooled down completely.

2. Take curd into a bowl and beat it well to make it smooth. Dip the vadas into the curd and refrigerate those for at least 10-12 hours. You should take enough quantity of curd, so that the vadas get completely dunked into it.

3. Bring those out from the refrigerator and let the vadas reach the room temperature.

4. Remove the vadas from the curd. Now, add cumin powder and a pinch of salt into the curd. Also, make the tempering with curry leaves, mustard seeds, asafetida, urad dal and curry leaves. Add it into the curd.

5. Now, place the vadas on a serving plate and pour the prepared curd on to it. Your Morasu Ambode is ready to be served. Garnish it with chopped carrots and coriander leaves before serving.

Isn't the recipe wonderful? It also tastes amazing. So, make this Ugadi special with some homemade Mosaru Ambode.

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