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How To Cut Your Own Hair And Not Regret It Later!

Okay, let us be clear here for a second. Cutting your own hair is not the brightest of the ideas. Well, not unless you have the right accessories and know what you are doing. Even after that, you need lots of practice and precision. There are so many things that can go wrong. That being said, it is not something completely unusual. And you can definitely do it at your home. You can start small by trimming your hair and cutting some bangs and then go in with some layer or bob. Sound exciting? But only after getting some professional advice and watching tutorials (and we are not talking about the funny TikTok videos). If you are ready to take on this journey, we are ready to show you how. But before that, some important tips.

What You Should Know Before Cutting Your Hair Yourself

  • Kitchen scissors won't work when it comes to cutting your hair. Get a pair of sharp shears to make your work easy and get you as close as possible to a professional cut.
  • For the first-timers- take it slow. Whenever you are cutting your hair, cut a few inches less than you think you want. You can always cut more to get the desired length.
  • Wet cut or dry cut? To put it simply, if you have straight hair, dampen your hair and if you have curly or wavy hair, keep it natural.

How To Cut Your Own Hair

How To Cut Your Hair Into Layers

Layers is the most common and preferred hairstyle. But often when we visit the salon to get layers, our hair is cut more than what we are comfortable with. Whether you want to cut your hair into layers to get your desired length or to save a few bucks, this simple and surprisingly easy tutorial by YouTuber Pick Up Limes. We recommend you watch this tutorial a few times until you are familiar with the technique and feel comfortable before cutting your hair. And as she mentioned in the video, if you are a first-timer at cutting your own hair, go slow and do not chop off a big chunk immediately.

How To Cut Your Curly Hair

Curly hair is the most difficult to deal with, especially the curly hair that has outgrown their cut. If you are interested in trimming your hair before your next hair cut appointment and chopping off those dead ends, this easy and simple method by YouTuber joy Before Her is your saviour. As curly hair has a lot of texture, you can be a little flexible with the trim. Just remember to cut the hair in an angled-manner rather than blunt to give it some texture.

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How To Cut Your Long Hair Short

If you have long hair and you are aiming for a short, straight hair look or lob, follow this tutorial by
YouTuber, Sharee Anonuevo. All you need is some rubber bands, a pair of scissors, two mirrors to check how your hair look at the back and patience. Make sure to not make the first cut too drastic. Keep the length a little more than you think you want to go for. This gives you a room to cover up the mistakes if any. The ‘pointcut technique', as Sharee mentioned, is great to get your hair aligned at the back but take your time cutting through your tresses.

How To Cut Your Hair Into Bob

If you want to go that extra mile and cut your hair short into a bob cut, all you need is a pair of scissors, a razor, a couple of mirrors and a few elastic bands. Follow this tutorial by YouTuber Sharee Anonuevo to know exactly the steps you need to follow. Keep in mind that going from super long hair to an A-line bob might be a bit drastic if you are doing it yourself. So we only suggest this haircut if you already have short hair.

How To Cut Front Bangs

Front bangs are an important element of your haircut. Most often, just the bangs alone can freshen up your look. So, if you do not want to cut all of your hair but just want to keep it stylish with some bangs, here is how to do that. Hairstylist and YouTuber, Stella Cini tutorial on cutting bangs on herself is all the help that you need. What's more? She shares three different styles of bangs with you. They go from subtle bangs to super-short and super-cute fringes. Choose the one you are comfortable with and enjoy your new look.

How To Trim Your Hair

Don't want to compromise on your hair length but want healthy hair? Trimming the hair is what you need. Trimming the hair is simple. Getting rid of the dead ends. If we go to the salon to get the trimming done, we sort of end up having a minor haircut. You can always trim your hair at home. YouTuber Patry Jordan tells you how. Pay attention to the different ways of trimming for straight and layered hair and you are ready to roll.

How To Remove Split Ends

Split ends are one of the worst kinds of hair damage. And unlike other hair issues, it is not possible to treat. The only possible and effective solution for split ends is to cut the hair. The best way is to twist your hair and chop off the visibly split and damaged hair. YouTuber Sheetal shows you the perfect way to do it. All you need to do is straighten your hair and get a pair of scissors.

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