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Grammy Awards 2014: Wardrobe Malfunctions

It is not an out of a blue situation for a wardrobe malfunction to happen on the red carpet. There are tons of celebrities who soak the red carpet with their looks and forget to cover up their assets which leave us to wonder if it is done on purpose.

At the Grammy Awards 2014, on the red carpet, singer Tamar Braxton suffered a wardrobe malfunction. This did not come as a shock, considering Tamar Braxton and the dresses she wears to occasions like these. At the Grammy Awards 2014 on the red carpet, Tamar who was wearing a fire engine red hot gown had trouble with her dress.


The plunging neckline of the dress was so deep leaving the singer to feel uncomfortable. No doubt, the red gown worn by Tamar was indeed beautiful.

But, the error of the dress was the top which made it so easy for a wardrobe malfunction to happen. The sleeveless portion of the red gown was completely unhinged and offered a view when turned the wrong way. The singer who was caught up in the moment on the red carpet, flashed her way through the entire evening at the Grammy Awards 2014 red carpet.

Another Grammy Awards 2014 wardrobe malfunction was by singer Beyonce. The singer who commenced the 56th Grammy Awards on stage, endured an embarrassing moment when she mistakenly flashed her breasts. The black see-through long sleeve unitard Beyonce wore for her performance showed a little too much. Although most of her performance was done on a chair, the singer who stood up a little while later had a wardrobe malfunction by showing off her nipples on stage leaving behind a shocked audience.

It is also believed that singer Beyonce had lipsynced during the first portion of her performance after she again suffered a earpiece slip mid-way forcing her to continue without help. By the end of it, seems like Beyonce did not have a lucky time on stage at the Grammy Awards 2014.

Story first published: Monday, January 27, 2014, 8:44 [IST]
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