Special Colours To Wear On Women's Day

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Womanhood is all about wearing different colours. Just like there are so many shades of a woman, there are several different colours of femininity as well. We all know that International Women's Day is on 8th of March which is not very far away. The best way to celebrate Woman's Day is to feel beautiful from within.

So what colour should women wear to celebrate their femininity? There is no such thing as a colours specifically for women. Both genders are free to choose whatever colour they like to wear. However, there are feminine colours and manly colours. Women obviously have more colours in their wardrobe.

To feel cherished on Woman's Day; wear reds, pinks and purples. White is also a great colour for women because it signifies peace and serenity. Aqua and peach are other sere colours that women can choose. Stay away from black because it has a grim tough to it. Wear happy colours like sunshine yellow and bubblegum pink.

Here are some of the best colours that women can wear on their special day.


Shaded Pink

Pink is the most stereotypical colour for Women's Day. But when you wear different shades of pink put together, the ensemble will be brilliant.


Sunshine Yellow

Woman's Day is time for celebrating a woman's life that is full of sunshine. So, wear bright sunflower yellow to make it special.


Blood Red

Red is a very feminine colour because it is the colour for the Indian bride. It also metaphorically represents the menstrual blood. You can wear red tops, dresses, sarees, kurtis or even jeans to look glamorous.


Aqua Blue

Aqua blue is a colour that is bright but still soothing for the eyes. Women can find several ways to experiment with it. For example, you can wear a thigh-high slit gown or a saree of this colour.


Fiery Orange

Orange is the colour of bravery and the undying spirit of women. That is why you can use it in combination with black, white or gold to make beautiful outfits.


Pearl White

White is a colour that represents virginity, purity and serenity. Be it a white saree, salwar kameez or dress, women look very subtly beautiful in white.


Neon Pink

Neon pink is the 'in' thing these days. You try wearing this bold shade of pink as a top. If the entire outfit is pink, add some lace or frills to it.


Royal Blue

As the name suggests, this is the rich colour of royalty. It is a very versatile colour that can be used for Western and Indian outfits alike.



If you want to play it down and still look gorgeous on Women's Day, try peach coloured clothes. Nude shades of peach can give a very subtly bold look.


Light Purple

Purple is the colour of all seasons. Be it bright and jazzy purple for party wear, or the faded English purple, women look fantastic in this colour.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 2:00 [IST]
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