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Three Quarter Pants: Monsoon Mantra

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Do you want to know what is really hot in this monsoons? A pair of three quarter pants that you can wear till death and vouch for in this wet season. In the monsoon season you need clothes that will keep you comfortable and not get ruined by the muck on the roads. If you wear your best full length skirts and trousers they will be laced with muddy water by the time you wade your way to college or office.

Three quarter pants offer obvious relief in this case. They measure just above your ankles to be decent enough and yet trendy too. Give your standard jeans and t-shirt a break in the monsoons to experiment with different pant styles.

Three Quarter Pants

Three Quarter Pants For Monsoon:

Cargo Pants: Cargo pants need not always be full length. There can be cargo three fourths that do just as much justice to the design. These ornamental cargos worn by Deepika Padukone is an example of this pant style. You have to team it with with a plain t-shirt and colourful canvas shoes for a sporty look.

Jeans Capris: These are the most common type of three quarter pants. You can have them in various colours like black, denim blue, faded blue and cream. It is typically body hugging upto the knee. The end of the pant usually has a reverse fold. All popular jeans brands have their version of this three fourth pants and you can pick any of them. They are ideal clothes for monsoon when you team them up with crocks or plastic ballerina shoes.

Bloated Capri Pants: When the Jodhpuri design is implemented in capris, it gives you the bloated capris. These pants usually have strings attached around the hem of their ends to tighten or loosen the fitting. You need to team them up with a well fitting top or else you will end up looking like a bloated balloon. A good and broad belt gives this attire the best finish.

The Trouser Three Fourths: If you cut a well fitting formal trouser at the 3/4 mark, then you get pants like these. They are essentially fashionable formal wear. This is the kind of pant you can wear to office on a casual Friday. You can also wear these to a formal lunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon like Sonam Kapoor in the image.

The Jump Suit: Three quarter pants can also be in the form of a single tone jump suit. The jump suit that Kareena Kapoor is wearing in this picture is made of jeans. But you can choose jump suits made from a variety of materials like cotton, swede and cord. Wear fashionable peep-toes or pumps with them to look gorgeous.

Three quarter pants make the best clothes for monsoons. Which is your favourite pant style for this Monsoon?

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