Types Of Footwear To Wear With Saree

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Shoes For Sarees
Types of footwear you wear with saree are very specific even more than western formals. With other kind of clothes you can probably mix and match. There are also some basic types of footwear like patent leather shoes or stilettos that go with everything. But in Indian fashion wear, footwear is a very complicated affair. May be due to the flamboyance of the clothes people feel that shoes will not be noticed but it is not so. A bad pair of shoes even with your wedding saree looks awful. Indian clothes are elaborate and perfection needs to come through is every department including footwear.

Here are a few fashion tips for women who wear sarees and wish to wear it elegantly complete with the right footwear.

Types Of Footwear For Sarees:

  • Firstly, the footwear you carry with a very loud saree should not be minimalistic. This is a western concept of fashion that we apply to Indian fashion wear and it falls flat on its face. While minimal is the fashion statement of the West, the East has its identity in elaborateness. Be it exquisite Kimonos or ethnic sarees, flamboyance is written all over our clothing; it extends to the shoes as well.
  • Example: You cannot wear a faded brown coloured pair of slippers that you wear with your jeans while wearing a Kanjeevaram saree.
  • The best shoes for women wearing sarees is 'Chappals' or what is an improvised slipper. It is actually something in between a sandal and a slipper. Most often it has a slightly raised heel and an ornate design in the front area covering the fingers. Indian women more often than not go for these standard ones with sarees but they are not the only type of footwear you can wear with sarees.
  • Flat shoes or platform shoes can be worn with sarees but the trouble is that it becomes a problem to manage a saree without raised heels. There is always a chance that you might trip over on the heavy pleats if your foot wear is totally flat.
  • High heels and stilettos are very chic for sarees if you keep one important point in mind. The point of your heels must never show from under the hem of your saree. It is in very bad taste and people will think you are wearing heels for the first time so don't know how to carry them. Wear your saree low on your waist to look sexy and hide the base of your heels.
  • Choose footwear according to the theme of your saree not its colour. If your saree is red then wearing red slippers will make you look like a clown. But if your saree has golden embroidery on it then you can go for golden sandals. In the same way, a black saree with red work can be worn with red shoes.

The types of footwear you carry with sarees will be the deciding factor in your fashion quotient.

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Story first published: Friday, September 9, 2011, 12:25 [IST]
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